Friday, August 6, 2010

Binary Menthol Asparagus Nuclei

*Sheri recently got a promotion calendar from a company that's trying to get her to buy them as gifts for clients, which she has no intention of doing, so that sample found it's way into my hands. Now I have a calendar for 2011. What's the first thing that I put into it? Not my birthday, or Sheri's, or our anniversary, or anything else like that. The first thing to make it onto the calendar for 2011 were the recently released dates for next year's Ohana. Sad? Perhaps. But I am not going to miss it next year. Period. OK, if you want to know something that is either sadder than that or an indication of how good a party this is, depending on how you look at it-there are people who have already reserved their rooms for the 2011 event.

*Heading out to Tiki Terrace again on Sunday evening for the next Ohana Night (not to be confused with the FOM weekend of a similar name). Maybe this time around I'll try their zombie, since I wasn't too impressed with their mai tai. I think I'll ask the bartender for their recipe for that mango colada that Sheri likes while I'm there.

*Not that it's all that surprising, but I have exceeded the storage capacity of my iPod Nano. Guess 8 gigabytes doesn't go as far as it used to. So, that means I'll be putting a full-size (standard) iPod on the wish list for the nearish future.

*Just when I thought that the mosquito population may be on the way down, we get drenched with all this rain, and the so-called 'flood' mosquitoes come out. These are the ones the are even more vicious than your standard mosquito and are active at all times of the day and night, to boot. Hate 'em. Hate 'em, hate 'em, H-A-T-E them. But, it is ever so slightly satisfying to watch a dozen or more of them bounce against the garage screen in a futile attempt to get at me while I work. That is, until I actually have to go outside. I would say that the dogs are getting it far worse than I am, but even though they get swarmed every time they go out, they don't seem to care, so that doesn't really count.

*May have started seeing signs that Reka's age is catching up with her more than we want to admit, or even think about.

*The anniversary party at the Chef was a blast. At least the half of it that I got to go to was. Wasn't quite as packed as I thought it would be (not a bad thing), and the bands weren't quite as loud as I thought they might be (also not a bad thing). I think I like The Concussions better than Wraygun, but that may only be because The Concussions played two sets and had CD's available. Wraygun had a chick playing sax, which is hard to top, though. Tried a Dr Fong, which was pretty good, and a scorpion, which was just OK. Their hot and sour soup continues to be the most mystifying blend of flavors I have ever encountered in any restaurant. Not to say it's bad, or anything like that, but it's just differently flavored than any other soup by the same name that I have had the chance to try. It was also nice to meet some more of the Red Palms family, and I will apologize in advance to each and every one of those whose names I will forget before I see them again. It was nice to see that there was a bit of competition going on for what I had donated, even though Lake Tiki had a whole display of stuff set up at the back to the room. It was also nice that even though TAT teased me more than once, I resisted the urge to go overboard with my beverage consumption. The most mind blowing part of the whole evening was the after-Chef drop-in at the Bamboolodges. The only way I can think of to describe the things I saw in their basement would be to say the it's the Smithsonian Institute of Tiki Culture. Made me feel like a rank-ass amateur collector. Not to say it's going to stop me from getting more stuff, but it sure reminded me of my place in the grand scale of things. All in all, a most wonderful evening. Secret plans were set in motion, alcohol was transported across state lines, and I got Maister Brau-ed for the second time in a week. What more could you ask for?

*Looks like Friday the 20th will be the next time the Blue Moai Room will be open for consumption of beverages, unless I end up demolishing the area in an effort to construct the new bar (keep reading). I was toying with the notion of going out for dinner beforehand, but there's really nowhere tropicalish in the area, and the get-together at the Chef is the next night. Not to mention that I think Sheri is working that night, and she doesn't like being left out of the fun.

*The fate of the Four has been decided. The form it will take for each of them has not.

*The Blue Moai room has gotten a bit stagnant. Time to do a remodel. About 2/3 of the space works really well, so that part I intend to leave alone. It's just that the whole bar area really doesn't work well at all. Or maybe it would be better said that it doesn't work the way I wanted it to. Gonna store a couple pieces of furniture that are over there, and then build a more functional (hopefully) bar area. I have to admit that part of the genesis for this idea came when I heard Sheri mention that we were going to convert the other downstairs room into a library. Oops. That kinda takes my idea for putting a bar in there and tosses it out the window. But, that kinda depends of if she ever gets that room cleaned out, which is looking doubtful at the moment. Still, I think she wants to keep a bit of a foothold in the basement, so I better not get too grabby, lest I end up loosing ground, and good will, in the end. So, I'm thinking that the bar will be on the right at the bottom of the stairs, and the other room will just be another seating area and extra display space for my collection. A tiki-esque library, if you will. And, at the same time I'll be working on that, I'll be trying to come up with an idea for a sign to go in the stairwell. Or maybe at the bottom of the stairs. Not sure which yet.

*A break in the rain and a day of sunshine and warm winds let me finally haul the mower out and tame the wild savanna that my yard had become. Seeing the herds of bison crossing the yard made me think that it was finally time to do something about the grass.

*Just waiting to hear back from Julie on what color she'd like her signs to be, then that project will be done and out of my way. And only a couple of months late (ish). Still have the idea for the fridge project, but I'm still not sold on it. Plus, I haven't been to the shop in a while, so I have no idea what's been changed since I was there last.


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