Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mopey Salamander Tablets

(originally written August 19, 2010)

*Another day, and one more time that I forgot to get a hold of Mr. Harley to see if he can make it out tomorrow. Also have to run to the store, do some cleaning, and reassemble the basement before people start showing up. But, since I really have no idea of how many people are coming, things may be all right as they are. Not very likely, though.

*Gracie has an appointment to see the vet in the morning because she's just not acting like herself. Hoping she doesn't have a stick or something like that stuck in her digestive tract somewhere. Not sure what else it could be. She's up to date on all her shots and stuff, so it isn't likely to be that. That tends to weed out the less expensive diagnoses. Guess I should go ahead and get the checkbook all warmed up.

*Still can't figure out why it smells like low tide in blood bank tonight. My shoes are starting to sport a definite aroma of hot swamp, but that's not what people are smelling (as far as I know). This is more fish-like. Literally.

*The idea of hosting a get-together for Nik when she swings through town sounds like it could be fun. Of course, the Old Gang has sprouted a lot of offspring in the years since we all hung out together, and accommodating the little ones is not really what I had the place set up for. Of course, before I go all crazy with wrapping the house in bubble wrap and such I should at least clue the wife in to what might be going on under her own roof in a month or so. She might just have something to say about the whole idea.

*Neat how someone who already catches your eye goes to full blown WOW with the simple act of letting their hair down. Now, in this particular case I am referring to the physical act of releasing actual hair from confinement. If you were to take that phrase as meaning letting go of their hang-ups and having fun, that would also apply. But not literally in this case. When I say this person let their hair down, I mean their actual physical hair. Not that I wouldn't want to see the other, but that opportunity hasn't presented itself yet.

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