Thursday, August 12, 2010

Feed Your Elbows

*Do I dare to make a list of things I'd like to get done next week, even though I know full well that I most likely won't be getting it all done? Of course, part of completing a list involves both being able to find said list, as well as referring to it on occasion, neither of which is a great strength of mine. I do think I'll be going over to Bart and Steph's to see if I can scare up another game of cornhole. The dogs need to get their nails clipped. At some point we're going to the folks place for BBQ. And I think it's move-in week for the NIU students, which makes it a good time to avoid that corner of town, even though I need to go over to Lisa's for a couple of things. Cornfest is going on next weekend too. I may just stock up on limes and hide out in the basement for the week.

*Carving away on a mini Moai for the next Chef get-together. I think it's going to be another 70's Coco Joe homage, but I don't know what color jewel I'm going to mount yet. Gonna drill and string this one once it's done too, so it's ready to be worn. Should give me a reason to go over to Michael's and rummage around for some things.

*Sheri rightly pointed out that my lack of attention to the length of the grass could be contributing to the hordes of mosquitoes outside, so I went after the yard and buzzed it off sooner than I would normally do. The patch of weeds (AKA this year's failed garden) by the front door also disappeared as part of the parasite control effort. My reward for all this was to be covered in hives, sweat, dirt, and mosquito bites. Soooo sexy.

*"Insidious Intimidation". Awesome band name? Not bad by my standards. A lot of letters to put on a T-shirt, but it's got that whole alliteration thing going for it. Shame that it's actually a management tool instead. Hey, "Management Tool" would be a pretty good band name, too. Oops. Wait. That was sarcasm, wasn't it? Sarcasm is now verboten.

*The top secret project is coming along nicely, despite the oppressive weather. Color matching has yet to be done, and even though I'm still not thrilled with the choice that was made, I can still appreciate why it was chosen. My ability to replicate that color remains to be seen, though.

*N recently updated her Facebook profile picture, and I was stunned by it. In a very good way, that is. I think that may explain her rather prominent, and extended, appearance in a recent dream. And, much as in real life, where N was, S wasn't far behind. Of course, that led to brief remembrances of Y as well. Liberal application of logic to all involved situations and persons only tended to dull the underlying feelings rather than removing them.

*I am still neglecting to take serial pictures of things I have in progress. I have no doubt that will come back to bite me in the ass someday when I want to replicate a particular project. Plus, it really limits my ability to show off online.

*The length of the new bar has been decided, and that's about all I know for sure. I had wanted to do a two level bar, but I'm wondering if I have enough space to be able to do that. I may have to go with a deeper (front to back), one level bar. I think that would just look too blocky, but I'm trying to not get too hung up on perfection with this first effort. The number of stools has dropped from 4 to 3, and the number of look-throughs may be going up from 2 to 3. All I know about the back bar for sure is that I'm going to have one, and the basic footprint of how big it's going to be. At least all the scale drawings I've been doing are helping me to zero in on potential problems before I start buying supplies and putting things together.

*WTF is up with my computer disc drive?? Or is it my iTunes software? I keep trying to upload discs into my iTunes library, but last 3 or 4 songs on the disc just won't load. I hear the drive speeding up, falling back, speeding up and falling back, but the info never makes it onto the computer. might need to try and find some type of free disc drive diagnostic software or something like that. Not that I want to have to replace it, but that would be a lot cheaper than replacing the whole computer. But if its a software issue, that I should be able to fix for nothing. I hope.

*Sheri's car seems to be dead. Again. Nice little orangey oil light glowing on the dash and a red engine light on as well. No oil on the ground though, and no mess under the hood. I'm thinking dead oil pump. I was also thinking seized engine, but it did crank over and start, so that wasn't the case, at least not yet. No matter how you slice it, looks like we'll be making yet another contribution to Motor Works bottom line. I guess it was good that whatever it is went wrong in our driveway and not while we were out in Des Plains, flying down the interstate, or sitting parked on the interstate. Doesn't change how completely lacking in fun it is to watch your car rolling down the street attached to the back of a tow truck.

*Max Headroom will soon be available on DVD! This was one of the freaking coolest shows to come out of the '80s, in my opinion. I never knew there were so few shows done (only 14). The one weird thing I heard was that in all the DVD extras, there was no commentary or anything else from Matt Frewer. What's up with that? Oh, and if you have no idea who Max Headroom is, turn in your 'Geek' badge (if you have one) and skip ahead to the next section.

*Just about been a week and not word from the liquor store as to whether or not they'll be able to get that Mexican booze I want to try.
*Took a look at the M*A*S*H complete DVD set, since it's a show we both like and could seemingly watch forever. There are 200+ episodes on I think 25 discs, to the tune of $150 or so. But, if you want the very last episode, they sell that one episode separately. Why, I have no idea. Oh, yeah, I know why. To be able to make more money. Does that mean I am disgusted enough with the money grubbing practices of the fat cat Hollywood corporate executives to pass on buying this set? Probably not...


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