Saturday, March 29, 2014

Engine of Flatulence

*Been a really long time since I heard "Patience" from Guns 'N' Roses.

*Mud season has officially begun.

*In the battle for the galaxy, it looks like I might be coming down on the side of Star Trek instead of Star Wars. Now, I know what you're thinking, and I really don't want to hear it. I will continue to stand by my previous statements that the entire Star Trek mythos needs to go away for a long, long, time. I will also stand by the idea that there were only 3 true Star Wars movies. But, in the arena of newly released tabletop starship combat games, I really do think I'm going to go with Star Trek: Attack Wing over X-Wing. They both use the Flight Path system, so that's not an issue. The combat systems are close enough to be considered identical, so again, no issue there. But, I am really liking the way ST:AW makes use of the range of characters they have available. Since the majority of the ships in XW are single seat fighters, versus large scale spacecraft for ST:AW, you can only have one Named character per ship in XW. ST:AW lets you have multiples, depending on the ship being used. All of this is based in the point building systems of each game, but the factions, characters, weapons, and ships available to ST:AW just make for a much wider range of options, instead of only Rebels vs Empire. So, thus far, ST:AW will probably end up getting more money spent on it in the long run.

*Fuck. Dammit fuck fuck. Don't want to do it. That's the core of my argument. Just don't wanna. There exist a grand sum total of ZERO reasons why I should continue, and just an annoyingly large number of reasons why I should stop. I just don't wanna. I really don't recall if dealing with this was this problematic the last time around. Of course last time, I wasn't on any medication that was doing something good for me. Again, it all totals up to ZERO reasons to continue on.

*Grandma Suchner left us this week and will soon be back at the lake with Ray. The interesting question now will be whether the folks stick around or if they'll head up north.

*For once, I may have done something right. The makeshift burnisher I cobbled together for my rotary tool (it's a Black and Decker, not a Dremel, if such a thing can be believed), is doing a really good job. Now I just need to get a bunch more of the tiny blending stumps and I should be in business. Hence, I will be eagerly checking the mailbox over the next couple of weeks looking for new art supply catalogs.

*Plans for vacation are still rather formless. Probably gonna go here, might go there. Peoria/Pekin will be on the list, just not sure when.


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