Saturday, March 1, 2014

Just Meandering...

*Had an interesting thing happen to me at the grocery store the other day. Like most people, the first thing I did when I went in was to get a cart. Lucky me, there just happened to be one right there at the front of the cart area all ready to go. So, I threw my list into the seat and started off towards the produce. That's when I heard thunka thunka thunka coming from the cart. Go figure that I get the one that has a messed up wheel. Double go figure that the one with the bad wheel was the one sitting at the front of the cart area. Someone else had already ditched it before I came into the store. I was just about to make a U turn and get another cart as well as being ready to be a little pissed that someone had pawned a busted cart off on me, not to mention that I had been stupid enough to take a busted cart, when I had a though run through my head that made me stop right where I was. I thought that if this was the worst thing that happened to me today, having a shopping cart with a messed up wheel, then I was having a damn good day. There weren't any military checkpoints on the drive over. I didn't have to worry about my neighborhood coming under mortar attack. It wasn't very likely that I was going to get thrown into prison for voicing an opinion that ran counter to whoever was in charge of whatever. I was in a place where there was food from all over the world that had been brought to one place for my convenience. Now, considering all that , and so much more, why would I let a messed up wheel bug me? So, I proceeded to do my shopping, the whole time letting the thunka thunka thunka of the messed up wheel remind me of just how good I have it.

*Really not fond of Sharpies. At least their colored ones (not black, that is). The color tones are almost always way darker than the cap would indicate. Plus, if you can't tell the colors apart when you put them on paper, what's the point in making multiple colors? And, the smell of them gives me a headache.

*"Personal Jesus" from Depeche Mode is one of those songs that, like it or not, is part of the canon of classic 80's music. That being said, I'm pretty sure that I like the Marilyn Manson version better than the original.

*Not a bad day at work today. Got most of the paint chips, wood chips, and sawdust up off the floor. The closet doors got their final (hopefully) coat of paint, and the lift kit got put on the carving table. As soon as I get all the random tools off the floor and haul the air cleaner out to the garage, things will be in really good shape in there. Not only will I be able to get in and efficiently get work done, I'll be able to get into the closet and start rooting out more things to get rid of.

*Weather looks like it might be a tad on the crappy side this coming Sunday morning, which might put the nix on going out to the first Kane County Flea Market of the year. Boooo, hisssss.


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