Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Just Wednesday

*Been a pretty down day for me for reasons that are not quite clear. Hopefully tomorrow doesn't follow suit.

*Dear Michael's: you suck. That is all. Going back to doing business with Dick Blick (which is also just a lot more fun to say).

*Was doing some research into techniques for blending colored pencils, since the way I have been doing it for years is really starting to get to my fingers. The idea of using rubbing alcohol or odorless mineral spirits didn't seem appealing to me, and blending pencils seem to have a number of disadvantages. The most interesting thing I saw in regards to burnishing was using the back of a spoon to do it. Unusual thought, but an idea that I might be able to work with. But what all this reading actually did was make me decide to revisit the idea I had about using my Dremel as a burnisher. So I gathered all my Dremel bits and parts and pro0ceeded to see what I could do. Half an hour later, I had managed to Frankenstein together a blending stump onto the drive shaft of the Dremel. We'll see how well it works.

*Looks like CATT may yield to NETT for 2014.

*May be time to make some changes so that weekends, holidays, and evenings are once again something special and therefore something to look forward to.

*Just a hint of, what was it, maroon? Burgundy, perhaps? Either way, very nice against the black foreground.

*I'm not sure which scent I'm going to use in my new art cabinet. Patchouli? Pine? Sandalwood? Suppose it doesn't matter, as long as I can neutralize that residual Lysol smell.

*Well, the dream machine sure was running in high gear last night. And it got started a lot earlier that usual. But why Curly was the main element is something I can't figure out. Hadn't thought about her in quite a while. Leave it to my unconscious mind jump up and pop me with an emotional sucker punch like that. Beyond the blatantly obvious emotional content of the dream, the end thought I was left with was, "where the hell did that come from?!". I mean, I thought I had managed to kinda put that whole part of my life to some sort of rest next to the part of my life I spent on DC. I guess that maybe those spirits are still a bit restless. But still, the more problematic question for me is why did she pop up now? And what do I do with all this stuff that's gotten all roiled up? Maybe she's reappeared since I've been making more use of my artistic talents. That was something about her that always amazed me back in the day. Or it could just be a random reminder of just how useless of a human being I was at that point in my life.

*Usugally rumors are loudest just before they come true. Which is roughly the same time as when those in authority are denying the loudest.


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