Monday, July 7, 2008

It's Not the Heat....

Monday morning rolled in with a classic Midwest thunderstorm about 0800. A 69 mile per hour wind gust was clocked somewhere in town, and we got between .6" and .68" of rain as well. That seems to have moved out and left some strong winds along with humidity that can leave your clothes instantly damp, and not in a good way. The weather has that unsettled feel that leaves you thinking a downpour could drop out of the sky at any given moment. I'm thinking I won't be riding the bike to work today.
Work today. Something else that's been on my mind. Tonight the temp tech starts. There's gonna be more bodies than usual around, moving with less efficiency than usual. The weekend was pretty quiet, and Leslie and Paula managed to keep each other entertained. Looks like I'm going to be doing a lot of time in BB/Micro.
Latest video rental was "Just Add Water". Pinklady wasn't taken with this one, and walked off in the middle to fix lunch. I really enjoyed it. Had elements of Napoelon Dynamite and The A-Team in it that I found to be quite amusing when set against the backdrop of a barely existing California town. I though it was an interesting mix of funny and bleak that was a bit to close to things I remember at times. Through the whole movie, though, I couldn't help but see Thomas Hayden Church in the lead role. There was also an unbelievably shiny speed limit sign post that was put to amazing use, a disappearing whimsical chicken, and in the end, an almost spooky number of tortoises. The recipe battle was worth the cost of the rental alone.
So far, I'm not really thrilled with the first of the Bluegirl sketches. I've already got some revisions I want to try, and the first one isn't even done yet. This may take several versions before I come to one that I'm ready to take to canvas. Maybe in the meantime, I can get another bit of poetry done.
Time to start getting ready for work. Just a hint of dread in the air. Then again, it may be the wet dog laying behind me....

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