Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wierdness in Orange

I happened to be feeding the fish in my aquarium yesterday, when I noticed something odd. As usual, when I walked up to the front of the tank and tapped on the lid, the fish all swan up to the front corner in anticipation of being fed. It caught my eye that one of my orange platys seemed to be trailing a streamer or something of the like. I looked a little closer and sure enough, there was a white filament sticking out of the fish's mouth and trailing back past it's tail. At first I thought it was a root from one of the duckweed plants, because the platys do tend to nibble on them. But is was just way to long to be that. Too long to be a worm of some sort, either. I settled on the notion that it must be a hair or fiber of some sort. Pleased with my deductive prowess, I then came to the somewhat unpleasant conclusion that I would probably need to make some kind of effort to remove whatever it was from said fish. Oh goody. After making several unsuccessful attempts to grab the filament as the fish swam by, I decided that perhaps the use of tweezers would be a better approach. So, there I am, standing over the top of the aquarium, tweezers in hand, waiting for this inch and a half long fish to swim by so I can try and grab whatever it is that was hanging out of it's mouth. Not exactly what I had planned for a Monday afternoon. Once again, I made several unsuccessful attempts to snag the fiber. Finally I did manage to grab it, and the scenario then became one of a teeny tiny fishing show. Rather than just coming right out, this fiber must've been a ways down into the gut of this little fish. It was swimming around in frantic little circles, stuck just as sure as if it had a hook in its lip. I contemplated this odd little scenario for the briefest of moments before deciding on a ultimately male solution. With a quick tug on the tweezers, the fiber came out, and the fish swan away. I puzzled over this hair or whatever it was, just trying to figure out why such a small fish would even try to eat something longer than it was. The other oddity was of the origin of said hair/fiber thingy. Gauging by the way the end that was stuck in the fish was all twisted around, it seemed like it was on its way towards trying to work its way through the fish. Now, I'm sure that if I were more deeply versed in folklore I would have well known that finding an orange fish in your house that has partially eaten a hair is a bad bad bad bad omen. I learned that when I got to work.

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