Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ow. Ow. Ow.

Once again, I find myself with a low grade headache while at work. I will, for the moment, resist the temptation to draw a direct cause/effect line between those two things. Of course, it didn't help to come in and find one of the parts of the cell washer installed upside down. I have to guess that it's been that way since I left on Monday. Aside from the fact that it simply doesn't look right assembled that way, there is raised lettering, in English mind you, right on the part that says 'This Side Up'. It wasn't.
I also got a reminder note from the boss lady that I need to finish my rounding questions. This was something I was hoping would simply go away. Not so. I find myself in the curious position of trying to find the right way to answer this list of 10 questions. Full honesty is rarely the best policy in the workplace. Just ask Jerry Falwell. The notion of giving answers that are even minimally ass kissing makes me want to hit myself repeatedly in the head with a stapler of some variety. Along that line, I doubt humor would be welcome. Prepositions, too. Management hates prepositions. Could do it resume style and load it up with adjectives and hope it conceals the lack of meanigful content. Or buzzwords. Lots and lots of buzzwords. Make the whole list a real 'slam dunk'. Yeah, me and Colin Powell on that bus. This has the potential to end up sounding as forced and trite as 'What I Did for Summer Vacation'.
I may have to revise my previous statement regarding the whole headache thing....

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