Sunday, July 6, 2008

Off the Shelf

I haven't done a great volume of reading lately, and when I happen to run across a book like I just finished, it reminds me just how much I enjoy reading. "Last Call" by Tim Powers was a book I picked up on a whim, along with a huge stack of other books, at a discount book store. Now, after reading this supernaturally laced book, I may have to consider the notion that I was destined, nay, directed, to buy this book. I really don't want to go into the story line, because I found myself being pulled along by the story, and I wouldn't want to spoil that for others. You've heard about books you just can't put down? For me, this was one of those books. I am trying hard to resist the temptation to simply start reading it again. I think I may toss this one over to Lady Justice and she what she thinks about it. There may not be sex with vampires in it, but I think it might be right up her alley. At least if I do that, I can let it sink into my brain a bit more. Hopefully by now, you have no clue as to what the book is about, and you may actually have an urge to find and read it. Good. That's what I was shooting for. For those of you who simply can't take my word for it and read the damn book, I will now provide a short list of story elements which may or may not convince you to read the book. They include: Las Vegas, poker, a glass eye, a houseboat, a Porsche, Coors, and Death.
Not since I read "The Ruins" have I been so completely engrossed in a book, not to metion rather disappointed by the fact that it had to end. Speaking of that particular book, I do believe it has yet to find it's way back into my collection from the tan and delicate hands of the person who borrowed it.

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