Monday, April 20, 2009

Abrasive Robotic Pudding

**Once Again...I Pronounce You....
OK, we've all had those things that we say we 'have' to go to for one reason or another (even though we understand this statement to be untrue). Weddings are one of the things that frequently fall into this category. Not so much the reception, but the whole church part can be a bit off-putting. At least for me. Now, the further out the relationship goes, the more begrudging your attendance often becomes. And here's where my story enters.
I was informed of my impending attendance to this Saturday's event quite a while ago, and even then I wasn't too happy. Why? Because it was the reception (we weren't going to fly to Hawaii for the actual wedding) of the daughter of a good friend of Sheri's. This is someone I wouldn't know should she stop me on the street and start beating me with a bag of flaming marmosets. And we had already been to one of her weddings a few years ago. So all in all, I wasn't too keen on going.
But we went. And got a good meal out of it. And pretty much came right home. Still, if I had my way, I would like to say that would have been all studio time. It's far more likely that I would have just played around on the computer for most of the day. So, I guess it was a good thing we got some jelly beans out of the deal.

**Condolences to the Saucedos on Meenah's passing.

**Can I Get A Do-Over??
Friday was gorgeous outside. Of course it was, I had to work. Not only did I have to work, I actually had to be in an hour early for a refresher on the new BB methodology. So, I got to head into work, into the basement, excuse me, garden level, of doom, right as it was sunny and about 74 degrees. I was not happy about this. I held a slight hope that the weathermen would be wrong, and the gorgeousness would spill over into the weekend, but I knew it wasn't realistic. When I got up on Saturday morning and it was somewhat sunny out, I was pleasantly surprised. But with every passing minute form the time I actually got out of the bed, the clouds started to thicken. Go figure. By lunchtime, the sun had completed it's disappearing act and the sky was the color of a newspaper that had been left out in the rain. This did nothing to improve my mood. Sheri had changed her position yet again, so we were going to the reception, which also did little to improve my mood. Game In A Bottle had released the sequel to GemCraft, which I enjoyed playing, but as it continued to gnaw away at my free time, this also helped to keep my mood in check. Then it was off to the reception, after a brief period of negotiations regarding my clothing.
By the time we were approaching DeKalb on our way back, it had started to rain. This was, of course, followed by her getting a headache. That was about the point I gave up on Saturday.
Sunday was nothing but a continuation of the rain from Saturday. I gave up on Sunday after coming back from running an errand exhausted and with a headache. A middle-of-the-day 2 hour nap allowed me to become mostly functional for the rest of the day. By 1 AM I was once again running on fumes and headed for bed, another weekend gone.

**Early or Late?
I can't decide if I want to try and make my studio time at night or in the morning. At night there would be far fewer interruptions, but you can't exactly run out for supplies if you find yourself short. I am also unsure about the practical aspects of coming home from a full day of work, and then spending another 2 hours in the studio. And, on the other side, it would take an equivalently large chunk out of my mornings. Of course, the idea of having uninterrupted studio time in the morning proves to be ludicrous. Between the wife, the dogs, and the general list of things to get done, mornings and early afternoons are about impossible to carve blocks of uninterrupted time out of. So, it seems to be perfectly logical to have my usual studio time at night. Can't wait to see the reaction when I pitch this idea to the critic I live with....

Note to self: sitting down with 75% of a red velvet cake and a fork is not really the best way to spend the night of your birthday. Better than repeatedly falling down in a drunken stupor, but still not the best of ideas.

**'Kitchen' Progress
15 versions of this work are complete, and I'm finally starting to see what elements I want to have in the final composition. How much longer it'll take for me to get there, I have no idea.

**"My Name Is Bruce"
If you are any type or sort of fan of B-movie action hero Bruce Campbell, rent this movie. Immediately. Otherwise your fan status may be revoked. If you have no idea who Bruce Campbell is, just pretend we never had this conversation and go about your normal business.

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