Monday, April 13, 2009

Rusted Velvet Turnip Shavings ala Clooney

**Why Bother?
It has been an absolutely crappy day, weather-wise. Cloudy, cold, with near constant precipitation varying between pouring rain and misty drizzle that seems to soak you no matter what you do.

**Working Blues
There are times when it's quite frustrating to be at work. Either there's too much to do, or too little, or the whole day just doesn't go right. One of the most irritating combinations of factors I have experienced hit me yesterday night. It wasn't really busy, and there are times when that bothers me because I find it really hard to get into the flow of what needs to be done. Those are the days when I just feel like I'm tripping over myself all night. Yesterday was one of those kinds of days, as far as work went. The other factor was something that started as one thing and morphed in to another. Since it was slow, I was trying to put some energy into the creative process to see what I could come up with. The energy to do that was there, but it was hideously unfocused. I bounced between doing light sketches, trying to write some poetry, and reading a book. In none of these areas was I making any great headway, which just served to contribute further to my sense of aggravation. So, I abandoned all of my efforts at creativity in favor of surfing the 'net. Go figure.

While on the surface this may have seemed to be just another means of taking the easy way out of things, it actually ended up being quite necessary. First off, it was absolutely necessary for me to send another move to Mr. Koch, since I had already held up the game for the entire time I was on vacation. Then, it was amusing for me to hear about Kittyluv's bathroom woes (damn gremlins!). In the midst of those two things I was also checking in with Freckles. Early on in that conversation (if sending email back and forth is considered conversation), an idea was imbedded that would prove to be most fruitful. Then after making a request for an inspirational nugget, I got one. I mulled it over for a bit and then just decided to go after it in the sketch book. Get the general feel for how the lines would go and all. Find a general composition that I liked and worry about cleaning it all up later. So, that's what I did.

In the course of that rapid sketching where I was just trying to get down as many ideas as I could, I covered a decent bit of ground, as well as a decent bit of paper. I had stopped for some reason I can't remember, when the light went off. Not to say that it went physically dark. So I guess it would be better to say that the light went on. In my head, that is. It really did seem to be an idea that just crystallized out of nowhere. Empty brain one minute, then BANG, almost completely developed idea. Can't explain it, and don't care to try. But there it was. Five simple lines. That's it. But five lines with potential. And meaning. And impact. And a side of slaw.

I'm not a huge believer in the 'bolt out of the blue' method of art creation, but this was damn close. True, all the pieces were already there in my head, but what in particular it was that made them all come together, I can't begin to say. I'll just give Freckles all the credit and move on to the business of creating art. So here's the pissy part-at this point in time it was maybe 1930 or so, which left me with half a shift to go. Four hours is a near impossible stretch of time to try and sit on an idea that's burning a hole in your brain because it's just that damn good. So I fidgeted. And paced. And most likely displayed all the other behaviors that I tend to display when I'm agitated. All because I had an idea that I had absolutely no way to act on because I was stuck at work. Well, not just an idea. A fucking awesome idea. With a side of slaw.

So, as soon as the opportunity presented itself, I bolted out the door and made a beeline for home. Once there, I still had to go through the appropriate amount of family time before I was allowed to disappear into my studio. But with a cup of tea in hand and Miles Davis on the stereo, I did indeed make it there. After two hours had gone by, I found myself with five completed pieces. I used crayons, I used markers, I used oil pastels, I used different kinds of paper and I used different sizes of paper. I was just starting to eye the colored pencils and had taken some of the acrylic paints off the shelf when the voice of reason (you know who you are....) broke in and reminded me of my TB and fit test. Shortly after 2 AM, I turned off the studio lights and made my way to bed. Not that it was easy to get to sleep.

When the alarm went off at 0830, I didn't exactly spring out of bed, but I found myself to be surprisingly well rested for only having gotten 6 hours of sleep. Alas, my direct return to the studio was prevented. I first made my way to my appointment, then to Best Buy, and then to Michael's (not a lot you can do when you find yourself short of art supplies at 1 on the morning). Once back home, I managed to complete one more piece and at the same time break in my new pastel set (Oooooo... Pretty colors....). Then off to HR and then off to work. Which is where I still find myself. With over two hours to go. Fortunately, I'm off tomorrow. Then the art will continue. There are just too many ideas that need to be explored and too much wasted time behind me.



Anonymous said...

I see you mentioning Michaels lately. Do you get their email/coupons?? Or get them in the Sunday newspaper? They send out a weekly email w/ a variety of savings on their coupons. From 20% total purchase to 50% off one item. Love it! My scrapbooking efforts benefit from them greatly!
Dee Dee

Big Tiki D said...

Yes, I do go to Michael's fairly often. I would rather we had a Dick Blick's in town, but I have to tolerate Michael's. Mostly I go there because I do a lot of work in the evening or night, and by that point, the bookstore at NIU is already closed.