Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Appropriate Rodent Earmuff Waxes

**I'm not sure if I'm being teased with the possibility that I may not have to go to the wedding reception on Saturday or not. Guess I'll have to wait and see.

**Not Bad For A Tuesday
I can always tell when I've had a good day off. Instead of a nagging sense of annoyance that I've wasted yet another day of my life, I get the feeling that it seems like a long time since I've been to work. It doesn't seem that I moved any mountains or anything yesterday, but it felt like a pleasantly full day. Made some art, took a walk, watched part of one movie, watched all of another movie, had a nice smoke break, spent more money at Michael's, couldn't fall asleep, chatted late into the night, had lime flavored tortilla chips for dinner, took out the garbage, and had a nice nap. Not necessarily all in that order, but what more could you want out of a day off? Besides nudity, I mean.

**"Hamlet 2"
Rent it. Rent it. Rent it. Rent it. Be confused, be amused, be offended-just rent it. And then watch it, of course. After which you will most likely be confused, amused, and offended. Kinda like spending time with me.

**Yet another round of the waiting game is currently in process...

**Pretty Damn Simple
In all my years of dealing with rules in various settings and applications, I have found that the things with the most depth and interest for me also have the smallest possible rule set attached (i.e. board games and art). When you get it down to having just 2 rules, then you have the potential for something amazing to happen.

**I currently find myself identifying with IRS agent Harold Crick. And his wristwatch.

**Not Quite Right...
One thing I have found out in reading a number of books by people who have excelled in various artistic fields is that in order to do any type of art well, you have to actually do the art. A lot. That is something I have consistently lacked in my approach to anything I've tried. Just sitting down and doing the work, over and over again, until you get it right. But for some reason, I have recently worked on 12 versions of a particular image and see no end in sight, because I just can't get it right. And I'm not at all bothered by this. Must be the source material. Anyway, if the paper is right, the media is wrong. If the media is right the palette is wrong. If the palette is right, the lines are wrong. If the lines are right, then the scale is wrong. But at least I'm starting to get an idea of what works for me in this particular image. And, by looking at the span of all the images together, I can start to narrow down what works and what doesn't even more. And if I can get this one image nailed down (hopefully before I hit triple digits on the versions), then it's back to the sketchbook where there are a slew more ideas waiting to be realized.

**Maybe Thursday would be a good night to go out again...

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