Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Day At The End

**A groggy Saturday morning. It's really sunny outside. I'm hoping the coffee gets me going.
**A handful of hours separates me from my return to work after a week off. I'm thinking that this may be the way to approach taking vacation time in the future. Rather than jumping back into things on a hectic Monday, starting back on a Saturday when it could be a little slower may be the way to go. Although, I'm not entirely sure just who all I'm working with tonight.
**I'm resisting having leftover nachos from Taxco for breakfast.
**The first I hear from Dhawk in like, forever, and it concerns tampons!?!?
**I don't know why, but yesterday thru this coming Monday are proving to be the busiest days on my schedule. Yesterday was lunch and presents with the folks (got leftover Thai food and an iPod from that one) along with dinner with Lem and Gerry (the origin of the nachos). Today I have been informed that we're going to the neighbor's for some type of Easter brunch thing, and then I have to go to work. Sunday I was further informed that not only would I be attending church (WHAAAAAAT???), after that will be yet another family meal, and an evening of work to cap it all off. Monday I have to go to Employee Health in the AM, Sheri goes to HR in the afternoon, and I work in the evening. What the fuck? No, seriously, what the fuck?? Is this my cosmic punishment for taking a little time off? I see about ZERO studio time in the midst of all that mess and I am not liking that notion. I am thinking that it could also end up bringing some others down as well. Hoping tonight goes smoothly, so I at least get a good start to making my way through all this crap.
**The idea tank seems to be running a bit low. Hopefully I can get a recharge here pretty soon.
**Why the hell has it decided to get sunny now?? I had one, count it again, one, nice sunny day while I was off. Mind you, it was indeed a most KICK ASS day, but still it would have been nice to have more than one of those in my vacation. And before you say anything, Freckles, I am strictly referring to the daytime period. Nights/evenings are not included in that mini-rant.
**Got the studio dressed up a bit more over the past week. Now the space is more reflective of me, but I'm trying to keep my actual work space from becoming too distracting. Which reminds me that I have a piece I need to finish inking as soon as I can so I can start laying in the color.
**Sounds like Kittyluv enjoyed her time on vacation as well. Even in the midst of mass appliance casualties.
**Damn. One cup of coffee aint quite cutting it this morning. Maybe a dose of treadmill time will help get the motor running.

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