Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Short Plastic Clouds

**In amongst the relentlessly reproducing piles of papers on my desk, I have rediscovered the one telling me that I need to go in for my annual TB test and respirator check. I have also unearthed the second notice of the importance and upcoming deadline for said same events. Guess I'll have to get on the horn tomorrow and make some arrangements.

**Breathing Again
I was almost to the point in the past month or so of being nearly frantic in the thought that whatever artistic spark I had was dead. Not just resting, or under the weather, but dead dead. Just before what would have been my true descent into despondency, I find myself the fortunate recipient of a shitload of unexpected inspiration. The floodgates have been thrown wide open and I have been knocked off my feet. So, it's kinda like a tsunami shitload of inspiration. I'm not digging that particular image, but I think it may sell the point. I feel better than I have in years, and that's saying a lot. It's like the creative part of my brain has woken up from hibernation, or something like that. The whole thing is something I never would have hoped for, since it was right in front of my face the whole time. Fatty's and Freckles is a combination I wouldn't have thought of. Is it just that simple? Could be. I hope so. But of course, simple aint easy. But the payoff is unbelievable. It's good to feel alive again. No, no- it's fucking good to feel alive again. And this time I don't so much mind being in someone else's debt.

**Shit. I just realized I have no idea what my next move is going to be, and I think Mr. Koch has me in check to boot.

**Congrats to Trekeve on the now confirmed purchase of her first home! And I still think the hot tub should be clothing optional.

**I have been on vacation. And for once, I have actually managed, with great help from beyond myself, to do what I had planned to do: spend some quality time in the studio. Thus far, this has been a great vacation.

**But Is It Art?
I finally just ponied up some dough and got myself a decent suite of photo editing software, which is something I've had my eye on for a while. Aside from the fact that I love what I can do with it, I find myself left with an interesting question: Is it art if you Photoshop it? Here's the situation-in the midst of this creative frenzy I find myself in, I have managed to not only start, but complete, a pretty decent mixed media piece. I'll still probably redo it, but for a first effort, it came out decently. Anyway, I needed a way to get it out to someone so I could get a preliminary
review. Logically, the way to do this was to scan it, and send it as an attachment, right? Of course. Once I had gotten the image into the computer, I decided to tinker with it in my new program before I sent it, and see if I could tweak the few odd things I wasn't really happy with. Sure enough, I was able to make some decent improvements to it (in my opinion). So, is it still art? Is manipulating an image in the computer considered a legitimate form of artistic expression? Just wondering...

**"Quantum Of Solace"
After getting all excited by the classic Bond film beginning, I spent the next two hours waiting for something to happen. As the credits rolled, I was still waiting. I think the intent to kind of Batmanize the James Bond character isn't really working for me. So, definitely watch the opening chase scene. The title song gets a big solid 'Meh' as well, but if you have five minutes to kill, go ahead. Beyond that, proceed at your own risk of boredom.

**Relax, Mr Crow. Work is still progressing on your project, even though I have been exploring other artistic tangents. I'll get some new pics posted by Saturday.

**The aquarium is leaving my premises. Anyone want it?

**Sominex, Anyone?
Once again, my sleep cycles have gone off the rails. A solid eight hours has become a long forgotten event for me. Just fitful little chunks of three or four hours, punctuated by more strange, vibrant dreams. Like right now, I may be yawning, but if I were to go to bed, I'd just lay there with my mind running in high gear until it pulls a Thelma and Louise and runs off the cliff. Then there's just blackness. Nothing at all I can remember. Then I toss and turn. Then the dreams come. I know this is most likely a side effect of the restarted creative process, but I don't have a really good idea of how to manage it yet. I was up past 3 AM the other day (working under the influence of a most splendid inspiration, I must say) and when I finally went to bed, my brain would have none of it. Images, phrases, colors-all kinds of variations of these things apart and together just rambled around in my head. When it was all done, I had gotten some great ideas, and maybe three or so hours of sleep. So, I guess it really doesn't bother me all that much. I think I'd rather be a bit tired, but inspired (I just made a rhyme!), than to be well rested and totally flat in the art department.

**I find it strange that Sheri's folks would think that my idea of a pleasant birthday dinner would ever include Sheri's aunt Gayle. Naked Brazilian swimsuit models, and all of Trader Vic's to myself (stunning hostess included), perhaps, but not aunt Gayle.

**"Bedtime Stories"
WAAAAAAAAY to sweet for my tastes. Harmless, but too sweet. And it's a shame to see that the Evil Kingdom has managed to get their claws into Adam Sandler. Rob Schneider they can have.

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