Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crayon Munching Spider Goats

**Off to Kane Co flea market on Sunday. Will the tiki gods be more kind to me this time around? I can only hope. I mean, it's not like there's a huge number of volcanoes in IL. Find one of those, then you'd have to find a virgin to throw into it. Those are even harder to come by than the volcanoes. And why waste a perfectly good virgin? So, since directly appeasing the tiki gods may not be an option, I'm just gonna keep my fingers crossed that Scott has some goodies for me. But since Scott wasn't at the last Sandwich flea market, I may end up being stuck hoping that he's even there. It will be interesting seeing how this show plays out. Not only do I have to be to work by 2, a cousin-in-law will be joining us, and he has a lunch appointment in DeKalb at 1230. That means we may be slogging out of bed around 6AM or so to get out there. Not to mention that we're still supposed to be watching the neighbors dog. May just have to do a fast dash to cover the whole thing, depending on how many dealers are there. Don't know if the rain today will have any impact on that or not. I'll be looking for a cookie jar, a tea cup, and something for Cromag, along with my usual wish list.

**What?? Dimples aged another year?? Say it isn't so!! And if fear of deer keeps you from going out, well, let's just say you're getting up there...

**OK, if it takes two days to clean up afterwards-that was a GOOD party!! My guess is the next one will take even longer to clean up after. A tip of the turban to Jeweltiger on her party hosting prowess!

**Hit a slow patch in my efforts to catalog the tiki collection. No real reason, just seem to have been an off week for me. I've cleared a whole 2 boxes for a grand total of 24 pieces thus far-not a real impressive total. I'm beginning to realize that this process could end up being far more time consuming than I had thought. I've already discovered that parts of the collection have drifted far beyond the intended area of containment. Tikis that were supposed to be contained to the basement have begun to appear in the office as well as the living room. I have NO idea how that happened... And then there's the issue of keeping things separate once I've got them cataloged. And once I get that done, I still have 2 other collections that need to be cataloged. Hopefully this 'little bit at a time' approach will work. Just makes the end point of the project a highly uncertain place in time. And, of course, this in no way takes into account all the work that actually needs to be done in the main room downstairs. And it doesn't slow my rate of acquisition one tiny little bit!

**My garage is slowly filling with things being removed from the house that are of uncertain disposition and destination. I'm just happy that for once it's not me junking up the garage for the summer. I am upset, however, that it doesn't appear to be impinging on my workflow.

**The latest shot has been fired from my side in the ongoing chess battle between myself and Mr Koch. Even after pondering it intermittently for over a week, it's the same move I had thought of right at the outset of his last move. I can only conclude that that means it's drastically, horribly wrong.

**The house right beside us is now officially for sale. It joins the house caddy corner across the street from us, and the other three down on the cul-de-sac east of us. I think there are a couple off in the main part of the subdivision as well. I'm fairly sure that at least two of those five are empty. Wait! What's that sound? Oh, it's my home's value dropping even more! Goody! I do find it interesting that our house is closing in on being 40 years old, and we're the second owners. The house behind us is 3-4 years old and they are currently looking for the 3rd owner(s). But at the rate property is moving around here, I think it will be quite some time before it or any of the others sell. Makes me think I should take advantage of that house being empty and get the antenna taken down before anyone new moves in.

**It's becoming a very strong possibility that we will be dipping into the equity loan again to finance the skylights we want for the living room. I want to see if they'll cut us a deal on running a tube light down to the basement as part of the package. Time to get on the horn to Home Depot.

**Couple of weeks and no word from Cromag. Interesting. Very interesting.

**Nice to know Dhawk is still out there. Where she is and how she got there are stories yet to be told, though.


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