Tuesday, June 30, 2009

That Itching and Burning Sensation

**I am not a morning person. I have made this fact abundantly clear. I have also supported that statement with near endless examples and anecdotes. So you may well scratch you head in puzzlement when I tell you that my alarm clock (I actually do have one) was set for 5 AM on Sunday. The plan was to actually get up at this ridiculous hour and head north to Elkhorn, an hour and a half away in the land of cheese, to hit one of the continually best flea markets around. But, after five hours of tromping around on a cool, windy morning, I came up pretty much dry. And it wasn't even that I was passing on lots of things that were overpriced-there just wasn't much tiki to be found. This flea market is maybe the size of three or four football fields, and I came home with a single LP, a carved vase, and a single tiki mug that I am fairly sure I have already. Another pissy part was the person that actually did have a nice stock of tiki stuff is the same guy I see every month at Kane county, which is only 30 minutes away. So we got home exhausted and sunburned and without much to show for our travels. but that's all part of the game. Sometimes you score big, and other times you have to be content with taking a nice long walk. Had I really wanted to I could have just loaded up on LPs and postcards, but those are things I can find easily pretty much anywhere. So all I can figure is that the tiki gods slept in on this past Sunday morning.

**Appearing unexpectedly in someone else's dreams can be odd enough, but did I have to be wearing a Christmas sweater and drinking eggnog? Seriously...

**The schedule has been set for the last 10 days of work on Jo's Dragon. I'm figuring that all carving must be complete by the 4th, then I've got 4 days to do sanding, and two for the sealant to cure. Now all I have to do is make sure Cromag is available to take possession on the weekend of July 11. And line up an amusement or two for that same weekend. And not have my hands fall off in the process of getting all this done.

**My new license plates have not yet arrived.

**Pinklady is taking off to MN for a few days this coming weekend to go put in an appearance at Zella's place. That leaves me alone at home with the dogs. Not all of them, as she has it in her head that Reka will be making the trip with her. Unfortunately my ability to schedule random reckless riotous entertainment in the time she's gone will be hampered by my need to complete to complete the dragon, and by the fact that I'm old. Also, I have to work this weekend, and one of those shifts is a 12 hour one. So I'm thinking those factors may seriously impinge on my ability to have unsupervised fun. It also impinges on my ability to have supervised fun, now that I think about it. Sad as it is, my fun may just end up being hooking up all the speakers I have and seeing if I can make the windows rattle.

**I have got to get outside and do some weeding. And some planting. And some watering. And I need to get that damn grapevine of the neighbors off of my honeysuckle.

**The saga of the monarchs continues, sort of. Out of the four chrysalis I knew of, one appeared to have been eaten by a critter of some sort, which had a highly detrimental effect on it's lifespan. That left three to percolate along on their way to butterflyhood. On Saturday morning Pinklady was glancing randomly out the office window When she happened to notice that the chrysalis by the door had given up it's reformed, restyled, and remodeled occupant. Sure enough, a brand new monarch butterfly had emerged. A quick check of the other two found one empty with no occupant to be seen, and the other with it's occupant also having recently emerged. So somewhere out there, hopefully not plastered to the grill of a car, are three new butterflies. You're welcome. Enjoy.

**The Jewish Giant has been cast from the promised land by Tanazzz. Sorry to hear it, kiddo. Better now, though, than after he had moved in or some such nonsense. And definitely better now, especially since all the heavy stuff got moved already.

**Back to an acceptable level of hair at last. Should this prove to be annoying, it's back to the scalp.

**Wishing continued success to Dimples as she battles her way through summer school. Even so, how could she not have time to bowl a game or two?

**I had been considering getting some rollerblades until SK8TR recently broke her ass while using hers. Owwwwwie!

**Can anyone tell me what actually became of the Family Fountain Cafe?

**It seems that there are a couple of big-name (to me, at least) bands touring this summer that I wouldn't mind seeing. But just something about paying $100+ to have a halfway decent seat at a show has really gone a long way towards dulling my interest in actually going. Aerosmith and ZZ Top will be playing right near Chicago in a couple of months. The place where they'll be is pretty much like Alpine Valley-an outdoor venue with some fixed seating under a roof, and the majority being festival seating on an open lawn. The closest seats are going for over $200, the very back of the fixed seating is going for $85, and lawn seats are $35. Even though I'm comfortable spending $35 to see a concert, I've had my fill of lawn seating in all my years of seeing Jimmy Buffett in just about every type of foul and fair weather imaginable. But I really find myself reluctant to drop much more on a concert ticket. I hate to think of it in terms of the fact that ZZ has been around for almost 40 years, and age has gotta be taking it's toll. Of course, look at the Rolling Stones. But I missed the Kiss farewell tour, and never got to see Guns and Roses either. I think I must just be getting cheap. Or old. I mean, it takes something pretty amazing to even get me to go to a movie theater anymore. But, on the other hand, I can drop $100 on tiki stuff and not even blink. That would make it a shift in priorities then, right? You pay that much for a ticket, then you gotta get there, and you gotta eat, and you gotta have a tour T-shirt, and pretty soon you're past $300. Guess I'll stick with buying $1 LP's at the flea market.

**One year older for Bluegirl! Hope you're doing well!

**Rent "Religulous"!! Rent it now! Then watch it, argue about it, discuss it, riot in the streets over it, whatever-just watch it.

**At the moment, I see no realistic way in which the basement remodel will be done in time for Halloween.


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