Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Arcsine Over Tangent

*It's orange. The name of the color on the can was "paprika", but it looks pretty damn orange to me. But, she's happy with it, the project is done, and her stuff has been moved out of the garage, so I can't complain a whole lot. At this point I think I'm even willing to forget the slight orange, excuse me, 'paprika' colored haze that settled on most everything in the garage.

*I think I could very easily end up spending lots and lots and lots of money in the I-Tunes store if I'm not careful.

*Was Hot Tub Time Machine better than The Hangover? Nope, not in my book. Amusing, yes. Definitely a guy movie. Just not as funny overall as The Hangover.

*Why it is that I always have good ideas for projects that involve a ridiculously short timeline, I'll never know. For now all I can say is that if I can get what I'm working on now done by Saturday, it will be awesome. If not, it'll have to be awesome for next month, even though it will lose a few degrees of awesomeness in the process.

*Got an interesting call from the State's Attorney this week. Turns out that the guy whose DUI case I was supposed to testify in this week failed to show up at some pre-trial meeting, so the judge cancelled the case and put out a warrant for his arrest. I love it when things come to such a neatly self-fulfilling ending.

*One more step taken, but for now the rest of the path remains shrouded in mystery. Will there be an announcement Saturday? All I can do is wait and see.

*Concrete is heavy. Seems to be a simplistic statement, but it gets more complicated when you're trying to guesstimate just how much weight someone else can pick up. I need the concrete to be the weight in the bottom of the signs I'm making for Julie, but the pots themselves already weigh 12 pounds on their own. If I throw 50# on concrete in there too, the wind won't blow the sign over, but that would all but eliminate the mobility factor. I'm thinking that I'll be going with about 20# per pot, which should put the total weight of the end pieces in the ballpark of 40#. That should still be moveable by a person, but be pretty resistant to being tipped over by the wind. I hope.

*Pearls Before Swine is now officially my #2 favorite comic strip of all time, right behind the immortal Calvin and Hobbes.

*Both cars are now functional and finally back in our possession. Our bank account is also $2K lighter as a result, making me think once again that I am not in the correct line of work. On top of all that we just refinanced our mortgage to a lower rate, so we're out another $900 to make that happen.

*We were offered yet another free dog. This one was a 4 year old, 200# mastiff. While it certainly would fit the bill for what the Boss wants in the next dog, it just isn't a time when we can take on such an animal.

*For some reason, the spider population this summer has exploded into freakishly high numbers. Must be all the mosquitoes they're eating.

*Another night in the Blue Moai Room, and another good time was had by all. There was an exploding cocktail shaker, a command appearance of the kilt, and general agreement by all females in attendance that they'd do Sean Connery at the drop of a hat. I still have yet to clean off the top of the bar, and came within mere fluid ounces of acquiring a cripplingly wicked hangover. I discovered I can trade Oreos and Dr. Pepper for a hug, and drinks that taste strongly of lemon still really don't agree with me (bad bad bad tequila memories). And even thought the annex was open, the oppressive humidity kept anyone from using it. I have also hade the decision that if I ever get my hands of the purple room, not only do I want to build a new bar in there, I want to try and build a booth in the one corner. Or, I may just build the booth in the main room in the corner where the bar is now. That space has always been a pain in my ass, but a booth would work there quite nicely.

*The so-called 'beanbags' are actually full of corn, and I don't think we ever had any real hope of beating Bart and Steph, but beyond that, it looks like Cornhole will be something the Boss and I can enjoy and actually play against each other at a fairly equal level.

*Seem to be hitting a stretch of time when there's just way too much fun stuff to be doing, and not enough time to be able to do it all. Not sure what's going on Friday (Trader Vic's maybe?), but there's part two of garbage pickup on Saturday morning, the Chef event Saturday evening, and Kane Co Flea Market the whole weekend. Next weekend got a family dinner on Saturday and Ohana night at Tiki Terrace on Sunday. The weekend after that is Festiki in Dayton. Just a few too many things going on all at once. Might just be time to fire up the ol' cloning pods.

*It is an extreme rarity for me to work a "normal" Monday through Friday work week, but I did this past week. If I hadn't swapped a day so I could go out to the Chef next weekend, it wouldn't have happened. Anyway, these 5 in a row workday schedules suck. Now I remember why the weekend used to seem like such a wonderful thing. Still, I won't be going back to that schedule anytime in the near future, if I can do anything about it. This week I'm on 3 days, off 2, on 1, off 1. Ahhhhh. That's so much better.

*I knew there was a name for it, but never knew what it was. Now I know it's called Mid-Century Modern. And thanks to Tim for pointing me in the direction of Atomic Ranch magazine so I could find that out. Now if he could just point me in the direction of a few hundred grand so I can redo my whole house in that style.


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