Saturday, July 10, 2010

Glass Tuxedos

*Well, at least I have my car back. I'm out almost a grand to get it fixed, but I do have it back. I was also told that I'll be needing a full set of tires by around October or so, and there is a small coolant leak somewhere that they can't find. Yay. More things to look forward to. And since the parts for Sheri's car aren't even in yet, I have no idea what the total repair bill for both cars is going to be. And, I don't really want to know. On the other hand, it was nice to know that Motor Works was keeping the second key for my car safe for the past three years.

*Going to be changing gears in the studio this coming week. The piece for the Saturday raffle at the Chef is almost done, so I need to switch over to a project (or projects) that I have been neglecting for a few months. Not that I haven't been putting any thought into them, but I haven't done much more than that. With any luck, a solid week of studio time should get me back on top of at least half of that project.

*I have greatly cooled my jets when it comes to buying new games in the past few months, but I have found a new card game that I just have to have. Apparently it's a tweaked version of Oh Hell that had somehow never made it onto my radar. Now that I know about it, I simply must have it. Regardless of my lack of fellow players. It's a deck of cards, right? Doesn't really take up that much room, right? Should be really easy to find on the 'net, right? You wanna guess what I'll be doing later?

*Z and K are scheduled to arrive on Monday, as far as I have been told. Not sure if their visit will impact me in any way, but that's what's happening.

*I read a thread in the FOM forums where someone was asking if there were any recipes out there for cocktails that had coconut water as an ingredient. One of the side discussions was the supposed effectiveness of coconut water in treating hangovers. Naturally, I was skeptical. But, while at the store getting more ginger beer for that night's round of Dark and Stormys, I walked right past an end cap display that just happened to have coconut water on it. So, I picked one up. Not that I really expected anything other than perhaps having a nice refreshing drink. Given my hangover experiences in the past, which nothing but time could cure, I have no desire to EVER get myself into such a state again. After a few cocktails though, I can pretty much guarantee that the next morning I will have a slight, but very persistent, headache. So, Friday night rolled around, and since it was my day off, I did indeed enjoy a few alcohol containing beverages. And when I awoke the next morning, there was indeed a headache present. I went into the kitchen, took the carton of coconut water out of the fridge, and drank maybe a third of it. There was no immediate or mystical change in my condition, so I went back to bed for a bit. The next time I got out of bed, I have to admit that there was a noticeable positive improvement in the condition of my head. Maybe it was the coconut water. Maybe it was the extra sleep. I can't really say for certain, and in order to do more research on the subject, I have to put myself in a condition that I don't care to be in. That means that for now, the question of the curative powers of coconut water over hangovers will have remain unanswered.

*After a brief encounter with the neighbor across the street, I will add two more things to the list of possibilities explaining why they're so bizarre. They could either be Russian spies or serial killers. Not likely both, but not impossible either.

*As much as I hat to say it, after we get done watching our way through season 5 of Lost, I'm thinking that I may get a decent sized chunk of my life back. The only reason for that being that season 6 won't be available for us to rent.

*I measured off the space for the bags court in the driveway yesterday, and 27 feet looks like a really long way to me. Guess that once I start pitching those beanbags I'll find out just how far it really is.


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