Monday, July 5, 2010

Black Spring Clippy Thing

*Had a pretty good day at the flea market yesterday. Wasn't really crowded, probably because it was the fourth of July. Didn't really make any huge discoveries, but still managed to come home with a backpack full of stuff. Found a couple of vintage Hawaiian cookbooks, an old Don the Beachcomber restaurant menu, some LP's (duh), and I actually went ahead and bought a nice bags set. Steph and Bart went along with us too, so that made things more interesting.

*Another night of weird dreams. The Amazon, the Mermaid, and the Lost Cause all in the same place? Just freakin strange.

*Why is it that if you ignore it for just a few days, the paperwork swallows up the desk once again?

*Seems that my install went as planned, so the next time the Blue Moai Room is open, I'll have even more space for folks to hang out.

*I have officially started my way on the path to becoming a full fledged member of the FOM. This should prove to be an interesting process.


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