Sunday, February 9, 2014

Not Ever Even Remotely Close To Being As Advertised

**Went and checked out the new game store in town today. It's not bad, aside from being somewhat hallwayish, and part of a chain. And, as usual, "game store" in the modern parlance means "MtG store". And that makes me wonder why Mtg players are such a surly lot when every game store out there caters to their whims. Not that this place wasn't decently stocked with other games, mind you. Would have been real easy for me to drop $2-300 and not get everything I was interested in. Probably still keep doing my business with New Game, despite the fact they never filled my X-Wing back order.

**The last two shows of American Horror Story: Asylum? Horribly, horribly, disappointing. Should have quit watching where I had left off in the series in the first place.

**"That" discussion came up again today over lunch: Which one of us should be making the move into a new career? The reasons were as usual. The finger pointing was as usual. The end result of the discussion was as usual also. Fortunately, I had a good lunch and a pleasant view to distract me, which was not at all usual.

**CATT 2014 or 2015? Interesting thought, but who's gonna pull it off?

**Yet more snow today. Rather annoying. I can't recall the last time snow was ever actually any fun. I would have to guess it was about the same time that I stopped getting to have snow days.

**Olympics? Oh, yeah, I intend to start watching. Right after I get gone threading this red hot barbed wire into my urethra.

**The wireless controller seemed like a good idea, except for the fact that I tend to rest my index finger right along the edge where the infrared emitter is. Beyond that, now I can play Sega Genesis games whilst I take my walks.

**It should not, in my modest opinion, take two days to clean out a drain trap and reseal all the pipe joints, but my sink was of a different mindset than I was. And, as a side note, there was nothing I ever put down that drain that even remotely resembled the toxic black sludge in that trap.

**Ratchet and pawl adjustable workbench legs. Why has no one thought of this before??

**Game#3 is stuck in limbo for lack of playtesting. While I have people who are willing to help, trying to get them in the same place at the same time is proving to be damn near impossible. There are a lot of things I need to get worked out in the Tourist phase before I can move on to the later incarnations of the game. Split wilds vs the Busboy, for example.

**On day #4 of this current down cycle. Hoping for a break soon.

**Think I'm probably going to take the doors off the game cabinets in the main room downstairs. Be easier to see and access the games that way. And then I'll have six Ikea cabinet doors that I won't be able to use for anything. Unless I somehow figure out how to incorporate them into the new bar. Of course, that would mean I would actually have to build a new bar. It is about time to rearrange the furniture, I think. Not sure how yet. Roger might find a new place to stay, though.


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