Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Not While the Weasel is Watching...

*Need to pick recipes out when I get home, since it's my week to do the cooking. Curry of some sort sounds good. So does hot and sour soup. Maybe I should go out for Chinese before I hit the grocery store.

* Woke up today to find out that the furnace wasn't working. Yippee. Luckily, even though it was below zero all night, it had only dropped to 58 in the house. The good news? DeKalb Mechanical came right out. The bad news? The problem seemed to repair itself, and the technician couldn't find anything obviously wrong with the furnace. He did go out of his way to point out the various safety features present in the furnace, thereby implying that it was at best unlikely that my house would convert itself to a smoking crater in the ground should anything...unusual... happen.

*It's always great to be looking down the barrel of a day off and see just how much of it will be consumed with mindless errands and chores. Perhaps a trip to the game store would help to lighten my mood. If that doesn't work, the liquor store just might.

* What the hell did I get on my hands that would have given me chemical burns??

*Tried to feed the computer a nice yummy RAM stick today, and it didn't seem to like it. Last time I try and do anything for that ungrateful bastard...

* Yup. Greasy Gearbox would be an awesome band name.


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