Monday, February 24, 2014

Traumatic Peaches

*Well, the cleaning of the dust covers in the drafting cabinet seems to have succeeded. Now, instead of mold, they smell of Lysol. Neither one is an odor that I really care for. We'll just have to see if the mold smell comes back at all. And of course, I had to make my blood sacrifice to the project gods while putting it all back together. As far as the storage volume goes, it seems to be pretty comparable to the other cabinet that it replaced. The top of this new cabinet is much better for putting stuff on though, and the near perfect leg height makes for perfect LP storage underneath.

*There was a breadfruit the size of my head that was part of a display at the grocery store today. And little tiny pineapples about the size of my fist.

*It doesn't seem that I tend to remember the dreams I have in the deep of the night. The ones that really stick with me are the ones that I have in the mornings. Those tend to occur after the dogs or something wakes me up and I wind up falling back to sleep for a couple of hours. For some reason, the dreams had under those conditions tend to be long, involved, vivid, and just plain weird. I have no idea how the main character in last night's episode made their way up from my subconscious after all these years. And how the hell did I come up with Princeton, of all places?

*Aortic stenosis is going to be the thing that does Grandma S in, and the doctors seem to think it will be sooner rather than later. First Bailey, and now this. Not a good month for the folks.

*Game #3 is still not playing the way I would like it to on the base level. There's just that sticking point when everyone is looking for that last card to go out. I guess that's not uncommon in a lot of games, but I was hoping to keep it to a minimum. Made a couple of tweaks, now I have to do the testing to see if they fixed, or magnified, the problem. And I'm still going around with how I should do the rollout. Should the various levels of rules be put out as one complete set, or should they be done separately so people can get the ones they want? But, unless each new level functions independently, purchasing them separately won't really work. Hmmmm... I'd like to think I could put this aside for the moment, but if I want to run this out to the production level, I do need to get that figured out.

*Here, in this place, it is always night.

*Got all the pieces cut for my attempt at making modular height adjusters for my carving bench. Just need to put it all together. If this ends up working, I'll be able to do adjustments in increments of 1.5". Hopefully this will take care of the lower back pain I get from extended carving sessions. If not, I'll have to try something else.

*Game of Thrones season 3 arrived on our doorstep Friday. Time for some binge episode watching!

*Looks like the Peoria area is going to be on my itinerary for March 13-16. Could be interesting, as always. Just might be time to go hunt me an elephant or two.


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