Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shoo Be Don't

*Completely blocked? Really?

*I thought it made sense. If it's full and it isn't supposed to be, empty it. Conversely, if it's empty and it isn't supposed to be, fill it. Don't know of any way to make that concept any simpler than it already is.

*Thought about having a poker night on Friday, but doubt that I could find enough players.

*I need to dig into my piles of junk and see if I still have all my Cars tapes. And then I need to see if they'll even play. And then I need to record then onto the computer. And then I need to cut the recorded waveforms into the appropriate song length bits. Then I need to convert the waveforms into MP3's. That way I won't have to spend any more money at the iTunes store.


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