Monday, February 10, 2014

Snazzy Pasta Codpiece

*Yes, just in case you were wondering, removing cabinet doors can lead to an argument about building a bar. Which means, of course, that the cabinet doors are going back up.

*Seems like Valentine's Day weekend is determined to force me to make some difficult decisions as to just who I am going to end up pissing off the most.

*I could buy Yen Ching and turn it into a Polynesian restaurant/bar. It's got a good location and a liquor license. Kinda weird interior layout, though. But, parking is decent, it's right next door to the new police station, and it's on the main drag at the edge of campus. Still, it's a niche theme that might not fly in the boondocks that comprise DeKalb. Makes me want to see some numbers from Cabana Charley's and see how they're doing. Alternately, I could buy into a World of Beer franchise. Not really sure as to where the best place in town would be for something like that. And then I'd have to fight with the city council to get a liquor license. Plus, I still have my doubts as to whether or not the local population could/would support it. The House is still sitting empty, so there's an opportunity there, but no one has been able to squeeze a profit out of that place for as long as it's been around. Not a lot of money to be made from selling coffee to hipsters, I guess. I really think location has killed that place more than once.

*What? A new album from The Presidents of the United States of America is coming out soon?? About damn time!!

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