Saturday, June 20, 2009

Are You the KeyMaster?

Keys are proving to be my latest source of irritation. Or perhaps it would be better said that missing keys are proving to be my latest source of irritation. Or perhaps it would be even better said that a single missing key is proving to be my latest source of irritation. A single, missing, chip-embedded, available-from-the-manufacturer-only, expensive to replace key. Which would also explain why my car is not sitting at home in my driveway. It appears that the only currently locatable key is under the floor mat on the driver's side of the locked car sitting out in front of Motor Works. I am so not happy about this. Most likely this means I'm gonna have to shell out $50 or so bucks to have a locksmith come out and let me into my own freakin car (shades of Peoria all over again, eh Cromag?). And without a doubt, as soon as I hand over the cash, the second key will fall from the sky and land at my feet with an impertinent ping. My only very slender thread of hope is that somehow Motor Works ended up with both keys. How this could have occurred, I have no idea. But, that thread allows me to cling to the fairly unrealistic hope that I didn't do something as blatantly stupid as losing one of my own car keys. And now that the folks have returned from MN, the option of using one of their cars has evaporated. So at the moment, I'm wondering if it's cheaper to replace the key, or the window that I may bust all to fuck with the next brick I get my hands on.

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Sammi-kins said...

You could call CBK's sheriff friend whom has this wedgy-thingy that fits between the door jam and a lovely hooky thingy to unlock your car without causing unnecessary damage and frustration and money??? Although, you don't have a pet or child in your car, so that avenue may not work. Replacing glass on a car window is WAY more expensive than that silly micro chipped key, says my Honey in the Biz.... Copy down your vin # and take it to the dealership, and request a new valet key to the car your door stud!