Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Revenge of the 80 Foot Cyborg Jellyfish

**It seems I have been quite busy. With what I'm not exactly sure. As such, I have delayed my much anticipated chess defeat at the hands of Mr. Koch by over a month. Apologies.


**It seems I have not been chatty enough. No big surprise, really. Still, for the annoyance I have caused Trekeve, apologies.

**It would appear to be a reasonable thought that getting a gun battle with a bankruptcy attorney and/or anyone associated with them would not be wise in even the remotest of circumstances.

**Pinklady has managed to get me partially interested in watching episodes of 'Bones' on DVD. Mostly I find a lot of good ideas for H'ween props. I want Boston Legal. Denny Crane!!

**Got some time off approaching rapidly. The mass evacuation of the basement is looming as a necessary possibility. Unless I run away.

**Got my car back, although the axle seal isn't fixed yet, and the new bumper hasn't been installed. As soon as all the parts arrive, I'll lose it for another day while all that gets taken care of. Plus I need new wiper blades. And the light that says my parking brake is on won't turn off. And there seems to be something weird going on with my intermittent wipers. Other than that, tip-top shape.

**Zella will be here next week, voluntarily or not. That lines me up for an extended stint of cat care at the folks. And may quite possibly end the Fourth of July photo shoot.

**Really need to get the hammock up pretty soon. Really need to get the morning glories planted soon. Really need to get the carpets cleaned soon. Have I mentioned the whole running away possibility?

**I indulged my sense of pointless consumerism and got myself a personalized license plate. Supposed to be here in a month or so. Ooooooo. I am sooooo trendy. Or not.

**The chips continue to fly as the clock counts down to the six-weeks-to-go mark in the Jo's Dragon project. The legs and feet are done except for final shaping. The wings also are mostly done except for some tuning around the joints and smoothing of the curves on the back. The head is still blocked, but the arms have been mass reduced and are about ready for final forming. The lower torso needs a tiny bit of refinement, and the upper is almost totally formed. Looking at two more weeks of forming (or less), then three weeks of finishing. Hopefully that will leave me with a week of fudge time.

**CK's in the moonlight, what a sight.

**I have decided to shift my usual up time to more closely coincide with daylight savings time. 8 AM is my target time for most days. Missing the sunlight that keeps me going more effectively doesn't seem to be a wise idea. When winter closes in and it's dark all the time anyway, I can flip back to staying up till all hours of the night. Hopefully this change will help push my artistic output in a more positive direction. Trips to my inspiration spot should be helpful as well.

**Have I mentioned how horrid the mosquitoes will be this year? And that it seems to be refusing to quit raining?

**Great to hear from Bluegirl again! Have fun on the beach! And don't forget my updates!

**To the best of my knowledge, my attendance will be neither requested nor required at any wedding ceremony or reception for the rest of this calendar year. So, the suit will be put back into storage, save for any funeral that should arise.

**Goat's milk brie. Not crazy about it. Not bad, but not crazy about it. Still like plain old regular goat's milk cheese better, though.

**Still fascinated by the concept of lemon flavored marshmallows.

**Have I mentioned how annoying the phrase 'have I mentioned...' is?

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