Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mr Dr Lord Alfred "Pepe" Willington III Esq, King of the Lemurs

**I am just itching to get a game of Nexus Ops going. Or Survive!, or maybe just a game of cards. This is the kind of weather that makes me recall fond memories of disappearing into someone's basement with a group of people and playing D+D all day. Not that we ever got very far into a game (i.e., the never-ending "Tomb of Horrors", right Cookie?). It was more about eating junk food, insulting each other, and gorging yourself on cheap pizza. You know, having fun. I could use a little fun. I could also stand to put some actual game time on a lot of the games I have acquired.

**The insurance company has finally decided to pick up the cost of the control arm, but not the axle seal. I had to wait till Monday to call Motor Works and see if they had one of my keys. Fortunately, they did so I didn't have to call a locksmith to get into my car. The bad part is that still means I have somehow managed to lose one of my car keys. Anyway, I went by to see my insurance agent, and ended up taking my car over to the guy he wanted to have look at it. The end result of that was to have this guy nix the axle seal repair, and say that the control arm was a possibly damaged as a result of the accident. But, that possibility was enough to get my insurance to pony up for the repair. Now, I have to call Motor works yet again, and set up a time to get that fixed. Looks like I'll be plunking another $300 to get the axle seal fixed though, much to Pinklady's chagrin. And between the two of us we have been unable to determine which car we would trade in, or when we would be doing it. Meanwhile, I'm just enjoying having my wheels back.

**Riding my bike in the morning has proven to be a good thing, except for the whole getting up and getting moving early part. Since the chorus of voices railing against my riding at night has only gotten louder, my only real alternative is to get up in the morning and go riding before I have to go to work. However, it doesn't match up real well with my tendency to stay up till 2 or 3 in the morning. So my nights kinda go like this: sleep, cuss at the alarm clock, snooze, cuss more at the alarm clock, snooze again, roll out of bed, dress (only if necessary), watch a bit of the news, hop on my bike, ride around, come home, eat breakfast, and nap for an hour. Makes for an unusual feel to the morning.

**I am actually planning my day around a TV program, for once in longer than I can remember. Well, not my whole day, really, just an hour or two in the evening. Whilst flipping around the channels the other day, I just happen to run across an ad for an upcoming episode of VH1's Storytellers, and lo and behold, the artist being featured is ZZ Top (yes, the guys with the beards...). So it looks like since I can't figure out how to record onto the VCR (yes, I'm that far behind) from the cable, I will be actually watching the show as it airs. Ain't that just so old-fashioned?

**The Goaltender was kind enough to drop off the two logs I was going to go pick up from her property. I had suggested that her hubby just scoop them up with the backhoe and plop them in the back of their mammoth pickup truck, but was quite surprised when they did just that and then showed up to drop them off at my house. Now I have 4 nice 4' sections of what I think is maple. I just need to get the garage cleaned out so I can actually get to work on them. Perhaps one of them will become this year's donation to Tropical TAILS. I may also need to get a small chain hoist so I don't get crushed under any of these logs should they want to fall over while I'm carving them. That would suck. The crushing part, that is, not the carving part.

**Carving in the eyes, nostrils, and mouth of the dragon now. Since this section is the most complicated, I opted to do it last, lest an errant mallet stroke snap off 2 or 3 months worth of work that can't be redone or repaired. Still, there are so many planes and angles to bring together at least somewhat smoothly, I am finding it quite difficult. And the clock continues to count down towards the 13th.

**The drafting table arrived on Sunday, along with a bunch of other goodies. Once I got everything unloaded and cataloged, I took a few measurements and promptly began tearing apart the existing workbench. Fortunately I had assembled it in a somewhat modular manner, so the bulk of the work was removing the screws that held everything together. Then I slid the table into place, rearranged some boxes, repurposed the top drawer of the chest of drawers to become paper storage, and voila! A new, and hopefully functionally better, studio space! Of course, since doing this flash remodeling job, I actually haven't used the table. The dragon carving is taking up most of my creative time since it's due date is rapidly approaching. Still, it's not like I'll be short on ideas once I actually get around to using it. Many thanks to the Drama Queen for her generosity!

**The tequila-lime sorbet that Pinklady picked up from the grocery store sounded like a really good thing, until I tried it. It actually has tequila in it. Therefore, it tastes like tequila. That taste brought back to mind a night long ago with Graywold, Deedster, Dimples, Cromag, and myslef, a bottle of generic white tequila, homemade wine, and lemons used in the place of limes. Now, just thinking about how that sorbet tastes makes my stomach roll over and the acid rise in my throat. Blech. Double blech. Double blech with a vomit burp.

**I hate parasites. Never had a single good experience with any of them. Absolutely hated the fact that our house would be infested with fleas every damn summer because of the cats. I have always been ridiculously allergic to mosquitoes. Ticks are hard to remove and just really gross on levels I can't begin to explain. And don't even get me started about lice. Given my list, I guess I should say that I hate external blood sucking parasites. I mention this only because even though I am greatly enjoying the appearance of summer temperatures, the near-record spring rainfall has generated a near-record crop of mosquitoes. And they just fucking love me. And I just fucking hate them. There is no reason I should have to spend the summer bathing alternately in Off! and AfterBite.

**It's Performance Review week here at work. The annual exercise in using as many corporate buzzwords as you can to say "you're not getting a raise" in some new and annoying manner.

**Finally finished reading "The Pillars of the Earth". I enjoyed it, and not just because Oprah commanded me to do so. I also did not enjoy it strictly for the steamy sex scenes sprinkled here and there throughout the book. I found it to be a much more realistic description of medieval life than a lot of books I've read. Plus, the story was good and the pacing kept what could have easily bogged down moving along nicely. I wouldn't try to keep anyone else from reading it, but I know it won't be finding a place in my permanent collection.


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