Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Elvin and the Monkey Juice Container

**Well, it looks like I may have found a way to get rid of all the stuff piled in the garage after all. I had heard a year or so ago about an idea called 'freecycling', and when I opened up the Midweek today, what should I find but an article about an upcoming freecycling event right here in DeKalb ( I really like this idea, so I think I'm going to take what I have over there and drop it off. The notion of trying to have a garage sale leaves a bad taste in my mouth, almost as much as merely throwing all this stuff away. I just figure that if someone somewhere can use it, why not let them have it? I'm thinking that the aquarium(s) may find a new home via this process. And I may end up being able to see the back of a closet or two again. Yay!

**The Miscanthus at the end of the driveway are already chest high. I can't freakin believe how fast they grow. Pinklady has already complained about the diameter of each, so I may be looking to divide each clump and replant them elsewhere in the yard. Not really sure where yet.

**My bumper is in, now I'm just waiting on the insurance company and the axle seal. Hopefully when it all comes together, I'll only be carless for a day.

**Howard and the White Boys are playing a free show in Sycamore next week! Who's goin with me?!

**Somehow, I have managed to jack up my left shoulder, so I spent the day before work doing things other than carving. At the moment, I can almost get my head to turn completely to the left now, which is a pretty good thing.

**I just realized that I have 2 copies of 'The Pillars of the Earth' at home. One is MIL's, and one belongs to the Amazon. Guess I should get one of them back to their rightful owner.

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