Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Amplified Wire Biscuit Shavings

*Sunny and a gorgeous 60+ degrees out there today. Couldn't really ask for a better spring day. So, why is it that I am not surprised that it's supposed to rain and snow over the weekend? Could it maybe have something to do with the fact that I'm stuck here at work today, but I have the weekend off? Nah, that couldn't be it....

*I think there was only one last year. There may have been two, but I can't really remember. Today, I just happened to look out the window and saw that there were three. There they were, three little purple and white crocuses poking up out of the grass. The first blooming outdoor flowers of the year.

*I have an idea for the sign, which just leaves the choice of materials, choosing the scale, and doing any necessary engineering work. I'm not really thrilled with the thought of doing it in 2D, but there are space and other issues, so that may be the best way to go. If I can get it lined up with the roadway so that it's readable, that is. But after further consideration, I think my original idea is beyond my ability to manufacture with the facilities I have. I still like the idea, it just needs to find a different incarnation. Just in case, I already have an idea for a fallback design, and may even devise yet another option, should the mood strike me.

*I'm not in the whole tiki art thing to make money. I should more accurately say that I'm standing a distance from the far fringe edges of the tiki art movement, which I am not in to make money. Not that I wouldn't like to be making money at it, I just can't. Yet. So, being asked for another donation for another charity auction should be something I should view as free (sort of) advertising, even if the proceeds go to, in this case, a Catholic school. Or, even better, I can see this as a chance to get some pagan idols into the houses of the holy, which is a thought that just amuses me to no end. It would be another chance to get my name and work out into the area, and somewhere along the line a Dr's wife is involved. And where there are Dr's and those related to Dr's, there tends to be money. But, no matter how you slice it, it leaves me less than a month to see if I can get an 18-24" log tiki done from start to finish. And that's on top of everything else I have going on. This would be a really bad time to say I think I'm getting carpal tunnel syndrome, right?


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