Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Drippy Slack Basket Nozzle Insert Alignment Pin Braces

*Latest LPs on the turntable? Jonathan Winters and Monty Python.

* Can't quite figure out how to get everything in one place. Getting closer, but am just far away enough for it to be annoying. Making the entire situation even more annoying is the fact that the entire situation is something of precious little real value whatsoever.

*In the big TAILS auction, there are trips to Hawaii, Mexico, Turks/Caicos, and Florida. Thinking about it rationally, I have no business bidding on any of them. The Boss, however, wants to go 'somewhere warm'. As a general statement, I cannot find any fault with that. The idea of being able to go somewhere tropical, or even semi-tropical, for a bargain price strikes a particularly nice chord when there's snow on the ground. And then, little by little, reality starts to creep in around the edges of that thought. Real things like not having a passport, needing to pay to have all the beasts boarded, getting to and from the location in question, and the question of just where all this money is going to come from in the first place. As terrible as it sounds, I almost hope that the bidding jumps right above our limit (whatever unstated and totally arbitrary number that may be) right out of the gate. I really doubt that Hawaii is anywhere even remotely possible in the next decade or so under any circumstances without instigating some type of serious savings and cost cutting program within our current budget. Mexico doesn't really interest me, except for the Aztec sites, which don't tend to be in the most touristy of areas. I'm not even really sure where Turks/Caicos is. Sand Key Resort, from the small amount of research I did, is basically a strip of coral sticking out of the water a bit west of Tampa Bay. Not a bad place to end up, by my estimation. Still, they do expect you to pay for these things at some point during the proceedings. Based on that, I'm guessing that if I'm lucky I just may be able to make it back to Trader Vic's in Chicago. And, odd as it may seem, I wouldn't be too upset with that.

*The fumes from Sharpies give me a screaming headache. I've never had any real good luck working with superglue. Guess what two things played important roles in my latest artistic endeavor.

*It would be in my best interest to reassert the idea that trying to accomplish things outside of my job description could very quickly land me in the unemployment line. My job is to accurately generate results on patient samples. Period. To that end, policies and procedures have been established that state the manner in which this is to be done. Should questioning of or alteration of said policies and procedures be deemed necessary by appropriately qualified and independently hired professionals, then further independently hired professionals of appropriate qualifications will be retained to perform said task. I process samples. End of story. All I have to do is remember that and not only will I irritate people far less, I may just stay employed for a bit longer.

*Internet radio. Says it right there in the very name of the thing. How people thought listening to it didn't count as internet usage, I have no idea. Tends to make my head hurt if I think about it too much.

*Be sure to check out the recent pics of the tiki lounge (link is posted in the right margin). I've already got ideas for things I want to change, so I have no idea how long it will look like it does currently. If I end up inheriting the other downstairs room, that would result in a major change. But, since that's something I can't really count on, that's the way the rest of it will look for now.

*Why is it that I failed to order any of the lemon flavored Girl Scout cookies this year?

*Thinking I may just go play in the mud for a while on Saturday, should the snow have receded far enough. If it's supposed to be as nice as they say, it might be a good time to rake out the beds and get things cleaned up for the spring season. Doubt that I would go so far as to put grass seed down in back, but I may get the supplies I need to do so at a later time. Not at all like this weekend isn't quite full already. Saturday AM, is paperwork and bills as always, and I may play in the mud after that. Sometime Saturday I'm supposed to get a haircut, and then Tropical TAILS starts at 1730. Can't remember how long it ran last year, but we want to get up early the next morning and go to Kane Co Flea Market, and then I have to be to work by 1400 after that. I don't even see any really good opportunities for naptime anywhere in there at the moment. It's a sure sign of getting older when the thought of not having time for a nap makes you pout a little.

*Seems ridiculous that I can spend as much time as I do carving wood, and yet still manage to lay open the end of my thumb slicing a freaking tomato.

*Imagine my surprise when I opened one of the many mystery tiki storage boxes and found not one, but 2 Miehana mugs! (for the non-tikiphiles out there, you WILL have to imagine my surprise, since you have no idea what I am referring to)


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