Thursday, March 11, 2010

Brownies 'n' Gravy

*All I wanted was 2 hex head, 8-32, 2 cm bolts. Not a huge thing to ask for, I thought. But even though I had 5 drawers worth of bolts out in the garage, do you think there were ANY that matched that description?? Of course not. Guess that means I need to get some more bolts.

*There is a near total disconnect of logic when you contemplate the fact that you store your light bulbs in the same cabinet where your wife stores the clothes iron.

*A good bass line is necessary, along with some solid guitar work, but for me, it just aint good funk music unless it's got a nice fat horn section.

*Crap. I may have fallen into the pre-teen literature trap. After railing against the measured simplicity of the Twilight series, I found myself enjoying "Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant". I was all set for what looked to be an interesting movie until I saw in the opening credits that it was based on a book series. Then, after watching the whole movie, I definitely did get that whole pre-teen vibe to the story and the way that it was told. There was just a hint of Dahl-esque darkness, which is something only adults may pick up on, and kept it from becoming a sappy Technicolored cliché fest. Beyond that, it was nice light fare that definitely left things set up for a sequel or sequels, should this film have proved profitable enough. In the scale of vampire movies I've seen recently, I would most definitely, and actually gladly, watch this one again before even thinking of watching '30 Days of Night' again.

*It doesn't matter if you followed the recipe to the letter. If it isn't cooked all the way through, it isn't done. Unless it's not meant to be cooked all the way through, which in this case was not the case.

*OK, for a while there, it looked like Vegas was in the lead, followed by the Keys as far as vacation destinations went. Now, since I said I think the dogs need to be boarded when we go on vacation, the Boss has recanted and said that we don't need to go anywhere on our time off. Now, I said that because I think her folks are getting to be a bit to old to have to try and wrangle all three of our monsters at once, plus the cat. It's not like I'm saying we're gonna kick the dogs out on the side of the road on the way to the airport and let them fend for themselves. I am perfectly willing to pay to have them boarded somewhere nice. So, now she's moping around saying that we'll just stay at home. This comes on the heels of me just starting to really warm up to the idea of being in Vegas for my 40th. Not that staying around home on my vacation would greatly upset me. It would definitely be cheaper than going anywhere several states away. And if I wanted to do something for my 40th, I'd go into Chicago to Trader Vic's and then over to Briar Street Theater. I got no problems with that.

But now, opinion has taken yet another swing. After telling her folks that we would be boarding the dogs, the MIL blew a small gasket, thinking that we were saying that they couldn't take proper care of them (not quite what I was thinking). So now, a vacation involving travel is back in the works. But in the time it took to get things to this point, I had gotten used to the notion of Vegas, and the Boss had gotten used to the notion of the Keys. Go figure. So now, we are researching Vegas. Is it gonna be the Golden Nugget, the Flamingo, or Paris? Already decided and on the agenda are Frankie's, Charleston Antique Mall, Freemont Street, BMG, and O. A lot of walking is most likely on the schedule, too.

*I need to find some yellow butterfly weed seeds or starter plants. Anyone got some they want to share?

*Gracie came up from the yard to come back into the house today, and it looked like someone had attached a muffin top to each of her feet. Unfortunately in this case, the muffin tops were made of mud. I couldn't believe the sheer quantity of earth stuck to each of her feet. And, no matter how well I thought I had managed to clean her paws, as soon as I let her go, she sure enough left a trail of paw prints through the house. The grass along the fence row is destroyed from her running up and down with the neighbors dog, and with all the rain and snow melt, it's just become a mud bog. I have no idea what to do about it at the moment. I could pack it with straw and fence that area off, like I want to do under the one maple tree, but that would eliminate a good amount of yard area. With the threat of measurable snow still a reality, I don't think that putting grass seed down right now is a good idea. Maybe I should just have the entire backyard paved.

*I still have a hard time looking at the body of work of other artists and not downgrading the quality of my own work. Doesn't matter if that other artist has been working since the dawn of time, I just can't help but think how much crappier my work is than theirs. I may be making some small progress towards working past this by just realizing that I need to be spending more time in the studio and less comparing my work to other's. Now, if I get another decade or two of work under my belt and things don't start to improve, I may need to rethink what it is that I'm doing.

*Whenever I see that picture, I really want to know what's going on behind those eyes.

*I am done. For some reason, this week at work has gone a long way towards hacking another sizeable chunk of my soul.


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