Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spit Roasted Filet of Armadillo Neck with Tomatillo-Caramel Chutney and Broiled Ostrich Face Relish

*A scalpel has no need to respect you. It serves the absolute and singular purpose of cleanly and easily slicing through flesh. Period. The responsibility of respect lies solely with the user. Furthermore, there is no real concept of being 'grazed' by a scalpel. By the time you feel the cut, it's too late. Trust me on this.

*Went up to Rockford the other day to return a CO2 tank that I had been renting and not using. Found a pair of the goggles Big Bri was looking for while I was at the welding place, but I had no idea if he still wanted them or not. If nothing else, I can tell him where to find them. Since we were already in Rockford, the Boss and I went and checked out the antique mall on State St., which we hadn't been to since it reopened. While it was alarmingly lacking in all things Tiki, it was a good place to wander around for a few hours and look at all kinds of cool stuff. I even skipped digging through the ephemera, LP's, and postcards, and I still didn't get to look at everything there. The rattan dining table and chairs I saw was pretty nice, even though I would have absolutely nowhere to put it. The finish showed signs of usage, but I have never seen an expandable table like that done in rattan. I may go back up and get that floor lamp I saw, and put it in place of the light up palm tree. All I ended up leaving with was a vintage Hawaiian Luau cookbook and a nice older copy of Gray's Anatomy that had some colored pictures, photomicrographs, and photographs in it. I also found myself intrigued by the notion of being able to buy a full size display case from them. How I would get it home, I have no idea. But when you have a lot of fragile, irreplaceable things in your collection, having them behind a locked glass door sounds like a good plan.

*Having spent a few years in the restaurant biz back in the day, I recall that it's really hard to screw up cooking a meal that's composed mostly of deep-fried foods. Somehow, the Red Lobster in Rockford managed to do just that, though. Blech.

*The Boss has announced that she has no intention of joining me if I intend to go see Blue Man Group while we're in Vegas. I understand the reasoning behind her decision, and am not really surprised or offended by this declaration. That just leaves me trying to decide how close I want to get to the stage when I go, or from another point of view, how much I want to spend on a ticket. I also need to figure out if I want to go with her to see Cirque du Solei. My first instinct is to say no, but if you can't be impressed by a show in Vegas, even if it's one you're not particularly interested in, there's something wrong with you. So, I may just go with her so I can make a more accurate judgment as to whether I like Cirque or not.

*If you think the plot in a movie is something that just gets in the way, if character development is a waste of time for you, or if you just simply want to have something you can laugh at (or be shocked by) without thinking very much at all, rent "The Goods". The following quick and simple quiz can help you decide if this movie is right for you: Does the mere thought of someone skydiving while dressed as Abe Lincoln and holding a huge purple dildo make you laugh? If so, you should rent this movie. If not, well, I can't really say that I blame you.

*All I had to do was look at the package before I left the store, and I would have seen it was the wrong thing, but once again, my mind was elsewhere.

*The next question from "If..." (McFarlane and Saywell) that I selected at random comes from the top of page 7: "If you could alter one physical characteristic of your mate, what would you change?"

Gee, another semi-loaded question. Go figure. Get it? Figure, cause it's a question about appearance...Never mind. Anyway, I think this is a fairly simple one for me-I'd give the girl some skin tone. I mean a skin tone other than pink. Something either pre-tanned or at least tannable. It sucks to have someone around who craves the heat but can't be out in the sun for more than a nanosecond or so without getting a seventh degree burn. She is the only slightly compelling evidence of the possible existence of vampires that I have ever run across. And she sure as hell doesn't sparkle in the sun...

*I used to have this concept of something I thought of as a 'Lost Weekend'. It usually entailed a whirlwind series of events, often including alcohol and some degree of nudity, which started early Friday afternoon and continued on through Sunday night. This Lost Weekend would end with me collapsing into my chair at home, completely exhausted, but with a new supply of wild stories, fresh experiences, embarrassing pictures, and the odd memory gap here and there. I came close to achieving this a few times, but nothing that ever ate up an entire weekend. Any more, it means that I willingly spent yet another 2 day stretch hunched over in front of the computer or passively inert on the couch in front of the TV. I really think that this current version of the Lost Weekend concept sucks major hairy ass sweat. But I still willingly participate in it. For the life of me, I can't see what I get out of it that makes me want to continue to participate in it, but I still do. Maybe it's just that part of me that wants to say "I don't wanna". But that's the same part of me that's going to keep me from becoming anything other than a third rate artist. Maybe that means my real priority is to spend the rest of my life playing games on Facebook and zoning out in front of the DVD player. What an utterly depressingly sad thought that is. But, it is what seems to make up most of my Lost Weekends nowadays, and I do appear to be accepting of it. I really hate that about myself.

*One of the worst questions you can ever be asked right out of the blue is as follows: "Why don't you ever tell me you love me anymore?" This is often followed by one of the worst realizations you can make right out of the blue, which is as follows: that you really don't say it that often anymore.

*How many freakin places do I need to post things on the 'net so that there's a slim chance that a few of the few people out there that might actually be interested in my stuff stand a better than minimal chance of actually being able to find what I put out there? Right now, that number is >6, which annoys me to no end and takes up way to damn much time. I'm thinking that it would be good to get it down to, say, 3 or less. Gee, maybe it's time to get my own website up and running...

*The sump pump has apparently developed a recurring vapor lock. I find that a bit annoying now that it's the wet season. If we weren't already in one of the driest spots in the neighborhood, I don't doubt for a second that we would have been cleaning up water out of the basement this weekend. Just one more thing for my list of things that need my attention.

*A squishy squash, a ruined roux, and missing milk were all signs that I had no business being in the kitchen trying to cook these past 2 days.


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