Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flying Aardvark Harness Buckles

*All of a sudden I have lines on 2, maybe more, paying art projects. Not quite sure how that came about, but I figure I have to run with it. On top of that, I have my usual pile of personal projects to tend to, plus I have to see if I can get something done for Nolan before next week.

*Off to Wheaton on Saturday. Hopefully the Tiki spirits will be kinder to me this time around.

*Meeting with potential client in the morning, blood drive at noon, to work at 2, and on top of that, it's St Pat's day. Gonna make for a busy day.

*Not only has Gracie turned the area along the back fence into a mud pit from running back and forth with Stella, but now Stella has apparently undertaken an excavation project in an effort to reach the promised land that is my back yard. Took 6 or 7 bricks to fill in that hole. One more yard-related thing for me to be not too happy about.

*"9" It's a bit creepy, artistically amazing, and despite almost being completely demolished by a near overdose of sappiness in the last 10 minutes, something I would love to watch again. Why, oh why, can't Tim Burton live next to me?

*"The Informant!" By the end of this movie I was almost totally confused, and I loved it. Do you pity the main character or harbor this sneaking suspicion that there's something a lot bigger going on there? I am still not quite sure. Absolutely loved the soundtrack, and I couldn't stop staring at Scott Bakula's hair. The whole experience left me with a craving for lysine...


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