Monday, March 22, 2010

Ridged Apple Frond Dissections

*It did indeed snow measurably this weekend. The weather on Friday was really nice, but the rest of the weekend just sucked ass. Not very good timing for taking a three day weekend, but I am not known for my excellent timing. And, as a little insult, there were still little piles of snow hanging out in the shady spots of the yard when I came into work today.

*Found absolutely nothing at the flea market this weekend. Not really what you want to happen when you drag your ass out of bed at 0630 and then drive for an hour. And just as a little extra kick in the ass, the weather was crappy, too.

*On the turntable lately: Carlin, Cosby, and Aerosmith.

*Playing the part of the Germans, I found it way too easy to drive the Allies off Omaha Beach. I mean, it was easy to the point that I think I need to reread the rules to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong. And I still can't figure out how you can get four of those tanks into one hex without stacking them on top of one another.

*My copy of Torchlight hates my copy of Visual C++, which is the only thing that's saving me from spending way too much time playing it.

*May be on my way to getting some product display space at a local coffee shop. Now I just need to come up with some products.

*Get to head over to H+R Block later this week and see how much the govt is gonna tag us for this year.

*Managed to get part of the yard and some of the flower beds cleaned out Friday before the snow hit. Figured that after I had filled the back of my car with yard waste almost to the point of not being able to see out, that may be a good place to stop for the day. Also came away with my usual dose of yard work hives and splinters. And there's still a lot more to be done .

*Tuesday is Turd Patrol day in the backyard. Everything should just be so nice and super squishy from all the melting snow. Joy.

*Had the semi-unofficial opening of the tiki bar Friday night. Got lots of positive comments, which was nice. Not that I didn't know it already, but it's really going to need to be an adults only area. I still want to come up with a name for the place. And I think a couple of bar stools are going to be needed as well. The question of a refrigerator also came up again, without me being able to answer it in any satisfactory form.


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