Monday, August 24, 2009

Coarse Red Eggs

**Six days of vacation went by in a cool, wet, gray blur. Got a few things done that had needed to get done for a long time, and didn't get some other things done that I had thought I would. The whole span of time was completely non-remarkable on just about any level you care to evaluate it on. The weather was no where near what I had expected for mid to late summer, and it ended up raining quite a bit which was quite disappointing. I also don't know if I was sick for part of the time or not, but I just didn't feel well. That basically put a cap on the whole week that left me halfway under either an illness or a depressive episode. Knowing that a large contingent of the extended family was showing up at the end of the week probably didn't help matters any. That mess lead into a couple of run-ins with the SIL, and a re-ignition of a long smouldering debate/fight/issue between Pinklady and I. Just not the greatest time away from work that I've ever spent. If my vacation around H'ween goes this well, I may just give up the notion of ever taking another vacation.

**Somehow I think I may have just landed on another person's 'project' list.

**I may have just taken the edge off of my HeroScape jones for a while. While waiting for our order from Yen Ching to get done on Sunday, I skipped across Lincoln Highway to check and see what was going on over at the game store. I hadn't heard if the sale of the store had gone through or not, plus I had been wanting to go all week and just hadn't dragged my ass over there. The place was a near disaster area inside. There is a decent amount of rearranging going on and overall stock levels were low. The good news was that the sale had indeed gone through, so the store will be staying open. But, from here on out it will be called New Game In Town. Not sure I like the name, but oh, well. After a quick scan of the inventory and a brief chat with the clerk, I managed to find out that not only did they have no HeroScape in stock, the new owners had no intention of carrying it at all. Of course, if I wanted to special order it, they'd be glad to do that for me. So, I was a tad disappointed as I scooted back across the street to collect my dumplings and hot and sour soup so I could head for home. Strangely enough, when I logged on to the 'net right before heading to bed, there was a notice posted in the game store's Forum about the sale of the store and the transition to the new owners. Also posted were several lists in the Garage Sale area of things that the old owners still had and were trying to get rid of. Among them, a bunch of HeroScape stuff. Better yet, it was 20% off HeroScape stuff. Oh, goody! I immediately fired off a reply laying claim to the whole mess. That was Sunday night. Monday morning found me coming back from the other side of DeKalb with all that stuff in the back of my car. Amidst the HeroScape stuff I also bought a copy of the Special Ops rules for the latest edition of Battletech. That makes it official: I could now play Battletech until 7.865 years past my date of death and still not make use of all the things I own for that particular system. The same most likely goes for the HeroScape stuff too, but I'm trying not to think about that right now.

**Could it be that I've outgrown my seasonal allergies??

**When driving down the road at high speed, it is most unpleasant for a rather large yellowjacket to bounce off the open window frame and land in your lap stunned but not dead.

**I have reregistered as an E-Bay user. That fills me with a slight sense of dread, knowing my tendency to spend randomly. Having not gone so far as to set up a Pay Pal account, I do feel a bit better, but still, there's just so much cool stuff and I have only so much willpower. A notable exception happened when I searched for a copy of Renegade Legion: Centurion. The one and only copy available on the whole damn site is in England, of all the freakin places. What's up with that??

**On the recommendation of the Pirate Queen, I have rented part of, watched part of, and become interested in the entire series of Rescue Me. Plus, I really just just like Denis Leary.

**Who knew you could come up with such an interesting idea for using brownies?

**For all the things that didn't go as planned or hoped this past week, at least I hopefully instigated some contacts that could end up proving to be fruitful.

**The chaise went on it's merry way this week, but there is still a monstrous pile of stuff squatting in the center of the garage that needs to be dealt with.


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