Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Opinions of Greasy Daisies

**If you're in the mood for a amusing movie, may I suggest "Bart Got A Room". It's a somewhat predictable comedy revolving around the attempts of a slightly geeky Jewish teen's efforts to get a date for the senior prom. If nothing else, it's well worth the cost of the rental to see the hairdo sported by William H Macy throughout the entire movie.

**When will I learn to stay out of the game store? The answer would seem to be fairly obvious in the face of needing to ask the question at all. But, given my overall weakness for brightly colored bits in cardboard boxes, it wasn't unusual for me to be walking out of Woodfield Mall Sunday afternoon minus a Benjamin and plus a couple of new games. While looking at, but avoiding purchasing any HeroScape add-ons, I did get my mitts on a copy of Galaxy Trucker that wound up coming home with me. And in a nod to the less avid gamers that I run across, I let Sheri talk me into getting a copy of CatchPhrase.

**OK, lest I forget yet again, when going to IKEA, it is of utmost importance to have ALL the measurements you could ever possibly need WITH you. Otherwise, you're taking a long drive to spend a few hours in a insanely crowded store just to leave with a few flyers (plirnost) and a rather prominent headache (skaaarojgren). As an example of things to avoid, when looking for cabinets in which to store/conceal board games, it is best to know the dimensions of said board games (muur). As another example, it is fairly important to know (bjork) the actual measured height of the room, unless you're interested in cutting holes in the ceiling (niaar) to make things fit when upright (klurst).

**Another sure sign that your wild days are well behind you: Being excited over getting a new vacuum cleaner. Even if it is a bright and shiny red one that makes the dust bunnies tremble in fear.

**My general thought has become that if contractors are that freakin squeamish about putting in skylights, I should seriously consider if this project should move forward.

**Once more my car will be subjected to the mechanical manipulations of Motor Works, leaving me without a ride for my day off. Guess I can just sit and watch the carpets dry.

**And what do you get a man for his birthday who couldn't return your call because he was busy getting tits shook in his face?? (Would that be shaken?) (Would those be boobs?)

**Brown string, red string, why not no string for a change?

**Michael Jackson was both incredibly talented and incredibly freakish. Now, he is merely incredibly dead. It happens. Get over it.


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Nikki said...

skylights leak, eventually... holes in roof... bad idea, unless you live somewhere that it doesn't rain, but then you would be sick of that blazing hot sun and not want it in your house anyway :o) I as a first time, inexperienced homebuyer, saw a few of these glorified holes and ran! But that is just my oppinion :o) Good luck.