Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Murky Hamster Prognostications

**Watched a trailer for the new GI Joe movie on Yahoo!. My eyes are still burning. I sense some major suckage brewing as far as that one goes. But whilst I was perusing the various films that are coming out and trying to keep my breakfast down as I did, I ran across a trailer for "Tron Legacy". Yup, you heard me right. A sequel to a movie that came out in, what, '82 or '83? I can't remember exactly, and if I wasn't so totally lazy, I'd Google it to find out. OK, out of sheer shame for that previous statement, a few clicks of the mouse have informed me that it was indeed 1982 that it came out. While this does nothing but prove my point that Hollywood has completely run out of any new ideas, at the same time I find myself interested. At the time, Tron was the coolest thing ever. And I do mean ever. Even more so than Star Wars, at least on a computer graphics level. So I think I may file that away in my 'Must Rent' category for now, since I have 0 expectation that I would be able to drag Pinklady out to see it. "Inglorius Basterds" looks interesting. So does "District 9". Another one that's going to go on my list is the indie film "I Sell The Dead". Beyond that, I doubt you'll see me haunting the halls of the local theaters. Oh, I have to include one more movie related rant while I'm on the topic. Whoever came up with the genius idea of doing a prequel to Alien should be stuffed in a bag with George Lucas and severely pummelled. The first movie was a gem of sci-fi horror. The second was OK, but showed some signs of wearing the premise thin. Any of the other movies I refuse to acknowledge. I don't care if Ridley Scott is coming back to direct it, IT SHOULDN'T BE MADE!! Why couldn't they just leave a good story alone? What's next-a Dukes of Hazzard prequel? Maybe a Ghostbusters prequel?? Why not a Cannonball Run prequel??? These people need to be stopped!! Again, I blame George Lucas for being the father of all this nonsense! Great...Now I have a headache. Wanna guess what the prequel to that was?


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