Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lingering Noxious Kitten Hormones

**I have a vacation slated to begin on Tuesday and at the moment, I have no sense of upcoming joy or freedom. That kinda sucks. No, that REALLY sucks. Or maybe it REALLY really sucks. I haven't decided yet.

**It is a rarity that uncontrollable quivering is a good thing, but it does end up that way on occasion.

**Trying to keep a headache at bay with overly large cups of coffee. So far that tactic has resulted in a Mexican standoff. This is the kind of battle will add considerable length to a workday that is already moving pretty damn slowly.

**Kosher Dill Pickle Krunchers: way too damn good!! (side note-just avoid milk after eating them...)

**Been raining on and off today, so hopefully that will make some of the yard cleanup I have to do a bit easier. And Yay! for new windshield wipers! (For those of you keeping track, that is yet another sign that I am aging at the speed of light-excitement over new wipers)

**On the flip side of the aging coin is me trying to decide how much more money, if any, I should put into my HeroScape pre-addiction. Rather than listen to any realistic adult opinions (they'd just suck anyway), I have decided to pose the question to my fellow gamers on Boargamegeek. I can't wait to see what kind of responses I get.

**Speaking of responses, no one has yet risen to the bait statement I put out there on Facebook yesterday. Guess it wasn't worded offensively enough.

**Since I haven't adequately developed my bike riding habit this year, it's looking more and more like I need to start plodding along on the treadmill before too much longer. Either that or I need to get back into the pool at the Y. It's really hard to watch a movie while I'm in the pool, but it's far less stressful on my knees. Maybe I'll just get an Ab-Rocker instead.

**A lovely book of Shakespearean sonnets has been added to my library. I'm especially fond of the Pooh stamp.

**Time for me to start going back to school? Maybe. Why should I not get started on that art degree?

**Fucking Japanese beetles are eating the shit out of my morning glories. I am so not happy about that.


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