Thursday, August 6, 2009

Glyphs of Neon Cheese

**I have no idea why coffee hasn't been declared it's own separate and magical food group yet.

**It was a struggle to keep the bike moving today. It was like my legs were made out of lead. Or maybe polonium. Not sure, but whichever it was they were made of, it was inert and heavy. And it was such a nice day to be out. I mean, there was a breeze, but nothing out of the ordinary. So, apparently my body had no intent to do any kind of exercise today. Had I known that before I got out on the trail, I could have stayed home and watched reruns of Fraiser.

**The weekend schedule has already filled itself, and mostly with things I have no real interest in. Got a late a late night scheduled at work on Friday, so I won't be leaving there till 3 AM or so. That means that I should hopefully be out of bed and moving by noon, but you never know. The friend of Sheri's who cuts our hair is due to be coming by around 1:30, and I'm hoping she takes the love seat with her when she leaves. Then I may just have time to squeeze in a nap before we're due to go over and have dinner with the people we dogsat for the other weekend. That pretty much does away with Saturday. Sunday is supposed to be one of the hottest days of the year so far, if you care to believe such things. There is also a flea market at Elkhorn, which Sheri has expressed little to no interest in going to. The most recent objection was that it was going to be quite hot. While I wouldn't mind going, I'm still way behind in my normal 'to do' list around the house. So, reasonably, I should focus my efforts a bit more locally. If I don't go, Trader Vic himself will be there giving away all his personal memorabilia. If I do go, I could very well scratch around al day and find next to nothing. Given the large and darkly looming shadow that is her PMS, I think we'll stay closer to home. The flip side of that is that IKEA is apparently within the acceptable distance range of places to go. Must have something to do with localized distortions of the space-time continuum. Therefore, I will be cabinet shopping, or so it appears, on Sunday. For some reason, Sheri has been expressing interest in containing and confining my game collection. That is a path that leads us to the land of DIY furniture. And once that's done, I think I may be left with a bit of a sliver of Sunday night to do with as I please.

**Not only have I been relieved of my Farkle crown, I am teetering on the edge of yet another defeat at the chess board- and both at the hands of the same person. I'm thinking it may be time to switch back to Battletech...


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