Sunday, November 15, 2009

Asparagus Coated Kneepads

*Late Sunday afternoon, and I still have a low-grade headache. Got another pot of coffee brewing and I'm hoping that and some Tylenol will make me feel more functional. Pinklady is still flat on her back with another high power UTI that has knocked her out of commission for the past 2 days. She's finally able to get some sleep, so that's what she's been doing for most of the day today. I'm debating as to whether or not I should get a hold of Big B and see if he wants to come by and do some gaming. I've almost finished the latest full-table HS map, and would like to try it out. But, I'm right on the bubble as far as being motivated to actually do it. In my brain I can comprehend that I need to be getting out and establishing more connections with people. I have to work on not being physically or socially isolated. I get that. I understand that. The logic and mechanics of that statement are undeniable. But when that gray curtain drops in my mind, I just want to crawl back in my bed and sleep. And that's a dreamless sleep. Nothing else is there. The world gets shut off and that's about it. I should call Big B and set something up for tonight. I should try and get a hold of Trotzkie. Will I? Doubtful. That energy just isn't there. I had the idea of hosting a poker night next week, but it just seems like a totally hopeless idea. I can't even seem to integrate myself into an online community.

*Tried the newly opened Little Ceasar's here in DeKalb. All I can say is that I would have loved it when I was in college, but since I'm not, I doubt I'll be eating anything from there again. Blech.

*The entire Clan of the Northlands will be invading starting a week from Monday.

*Still haven't made any gift lists.


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