Sunday, November 8, 2009

Polarity Reversed Armadillo Nostrils

*Tuesday is my next day off. The contractor is coming in the morning, and after that we're going to select pictures so we can get them printed. I may go to the supermarket, too. All in all, a pretty average to boring agenda. Now, I just happened to find out that ZZ Top is playing a show in Milwaukee that day. Cool! What better thing to do on a day off than go see a show, right? Right! So, I go looking around for tickets. The show, it just so happens, is at the Four Winds Casino, which is run by a tribe whose name, out of respect, I won't even try to spell. That's a bonus, since it means there's got to be lodging nearby, if not right there at the casino itself. Even better, there are still tickets available! ......But they're in the balcony.....and they're $100 a pop. Crap. That just sucks. So, if, in theory, I were to go by myself, it would be $100 for the seat (plus all of Ticketmaster's charges), probably another $100 for gas, food, and tolls, and then maybe another $100 to get a room for the night. Add in the obligatory tour T-shirt and misc expenses, and all of the sudden I'm in the $400 range. And that's if I go solo (since ZZ Top Fans are few and far between these days). That really blows. I missed them when they were at HOB, because I think I was working. I didn't even bother to see how much that show would have run me. It looks like this may be the year without a concert for me. I mean, I really like their music, but $400??? Sorry, boys. Can't do it.

*Time to consider a different tack in my efforts to get a game group going.

*Many thanks to Scott for using some of his windfall to ship me a couple of old games! Thanks also for reminding me that we are still in middle of a game of chess. Now all I have to do is find the paper I had the game written down on....

*Sorry that Mr. ATL didn't work out for my LIP.

*Been feeling better now that I realized I was only taking a freaking half dose of my meds. Better, yes, but not quite there. I know if I go see Mike he'll tell me that we may need to consider upping my dosage, AGAIN. He already knows that I really dislike having to take it at all, and the thought of having to go up another level (the 4th increase in as many years) makes me ill. Not to mention the fact that it does seem that I now need to stay on it all year round. The only thing I can think is that I have literally fried my brain, and it is slowly running out of juice. What a wonderful thought. Senility is on the way! Whoopee! Eternal usage of chemical props to maintain minimal brain function. What a fucking joy that thought is. And the ceaseless holiday barrage has already started, too. I am not looking forward to this winter at all.....


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