Monday, November 9, 2009

Nudist Archangel Reflexes

*Our neighbors across the street are moving. Great. That will put yet another 'for sale' sign too close to my house. I can't understand why all these people gotta go and poke holes in my two year plan. Of course, it's not like we could have put our place on the market right now anyway. Just makes me wonder how long it will sit empty, since they've already closed the deal on their new place. Then the next question become who will be the next to leave. Probably be us, but since this news came out of the blue, you never can tell.

*For my day off, the most exciting thing I have lined up is a haircut. Or a trip to the grocery store. I'm not sure which of those rates higher on the Thrill-O-Meter.

*I wonder if I have any sandpaper finer than 220. I'm pretty sure that since I really have no use for such a thing it would be pretty implausible for me to have any.

*A momentary glimpse
While picking up the garbage
Of green polka dots

*The notion of having a calm, uneventful Monday at work is so totally implausible as to be downright laughable.

*"Tricky" by Run-DMC is stuck in my head. Must be that riff from "My Sharona" that's making it hang around.

*It's always good to have a pretty lady say 'I'm glad you're back'.


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