Saturday, November 7, 2009

Distal Agnostic Flags

*Continuing in the trend of unusual weather patterns for the year, today is an unseasonably warm 70 degrees (F) outside, and very sunny. WTF? I know I shouldn't complain, but it really does seem that the weather is no longer conforming to any known set of rules.

*The empty house behind us had been listed as being sold for a month or more without anyone moving in, which we thought was odd. Then a week ago, we see a different sign in the yard: "For Lease". There seems to be a strangely high number of rental properties in the area as it is. Not multi-family dwellings, but rentals nonetheless. Does nothing to convince us that our property value is going to go up.

*Tore down Tarvis' Folly yesterday in order to clear the game table for something else. Don't know what yet. I have been toying with the idea of doing one different custom HeroScape map a month. I have also been resisting the temptation to add to my HS holdings. Partly because it's getting hard for me to store all the HS stuff I already have, and partly because my game collection as a whole is perched at a rather high % of unplayed games. So, I guess I'll try to keep the wallet locked until I can get some momentum going as far as a game group goes. But, if someone wants to know what they can get me as a gift, all bets are off.

*Leaves are still falling from the trees. Tomorrow will mark the 4th time this season that I have had to rake the yard. The only good part is that the leaves have been dry. Trying to rake piles of half-frozen, wet leaves is a task well beyond my ability to hate it properly. Maybe I'll get lucky and all the rest of the leaves will fall while I'm at work, and tomorrow will be the end of it.

*The last few things I need to clear out of the garage include a small forest of silk plants and a ping-pong table, which Sheri had to go and remind me isn't technically mine. I think there's an end table and some shelving too. By the time I handle all that, it will be too cold to work out there comfortably, so the reason for actually getting that stuff done becomes a moot point.

*Got the latest carving project down to the 150 pass. Been trying to think of what I could do for Tropical Tails this year, and the answer is pretty simple: nothing, unless I get up off of my ass and get busy.

*The contractor will be coming by Tuesday morning to go over the estimate he gave us for redoing the bathroom. Then we'll figure out when he can start and get the ball rolling on things. At least after that project we'll be in a position where there shouldn't be anything grossly lacking in the house should we decide to put it on the market.

*The tiki is lounge is within spitting distance of being complete, I think. Not to say that things won't change, but for now I like where things are headed. Another trip to IKEA is on the 'to do' list and then I'll be back to trying to get the collection cataloged and organized for display.

*Vacation's over. Back to the grind.

*Another sure way to tell that I have gotten old is that on a Saturday nights when I'm working, I no longer have the need or urge to bolt out the door an hour or more early to get to where the party is happening. Of course, I am also no longer aware of where the party is, either.

*Time for some new header art. I even know what I have in mind.


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