Saturday, November 21, 2009

Plural Corded Monkeynuts

*Was sorry to hear today that Paris had died sometime in the night. My condolences to the Davis family.

*Only 2 days until the beginning of the holiday invasion. Must remember to be on my best, no, make that my least confrontational behavior. So, I just won't be talking a lot. Tends to work out better that way. I'd bring a book to read, but I'd get in trouble for that too. At least I'm going to be ten minutes from home instead of ten hours. And I do have actual work on the schedule, which will help remove me from situations where I'd be likely to do something stupid. Just need to find a nice quiet corner where I can just nod and smile at the appropriate times. Hey, that's just like going to a lab meeting...

*Thanks to Number One, I was aware of Anvil long before their recent re-emergence.

*I went to BB+B and bought a couple three packages of shelves, which I liked the looks of, and now I'm not sure if I want to use them. The actual shelves I like, stylistically speaking. From an engineering standpoint, I'm thinking they're not so hot. And since the purpose of these shelves would be to display the various tiki items I have collected over the years, the notion of shelves crashing randomly to the ground is not a good thing. I'm hoping that I can address this potential issue with the use of large numbers of toggle bolts. Otherwise, it all goes back to the store, and I will just stare blankly at the shelfless walls for another month or so.

* "In the Loop"-I haven't laughed so hard at a movie in longer than I can remember. Plus, I think the portrayal of the political system is accurate enough to be frightening if looked at realistically. Anyway, I almost hurt myself laughing, but it's a Blockbuster exclusive, so go rent it.

*It was good to be able to sit down with Kittyluv for a while on Friday and at least get partly caught up on what's been going on with her. But, she was right in saying that an hour fifteen just isn't enough time. Just have to see if some more time presents itself sometime in the near future.

*Just haven't had much of an appetite lately. Nothing even sounds good.

*My MIL has requested my Giftmas list. More than once. I have been put on official notice of this fact. More than once. At the moment, I am only slightly annoyed by that. You'd think, that since it was all gifts for me that it would be thrilling to generate this huge laundry list of things I want. But it's not. I don't like doing it. Usually, if there's something I want, and if I can afford it, I get it myself. Plus, I don't tend to have constantly maintained list of things I want. I was going to put various HS elements down on my list this year, but I was told to purchase those things myself, if I wanted them. That statement had the unfortunate effect of all but eliminating the partial list I had managed to assemble. So, I'm back to scrounging around for ideas, knowing full well that if I don't come up with a sizeable list of affordable and accessible items, I will be doomed to receive gift cards.

*I still have 2 totally empty CO2 tanks in my garage that need to be returned to their respective companies so I can end my leases. That would only slightly decrease the amount of crap still piled in the garage. But at least Pinklady can get her car in, so all is well with the world.

* "Up"-I am amazed by what Pixar has accomplished in the area of computer animation. I liked Kevin a lot, and Dug was also pretty good. Bit too much sap in the story for my tastes, but the animation was freakin amazing, so I really enjoyed watching it.

*Another bright and sunny late fall day. Of course, I find myself back in a windowless basement, so it doesn't really matter what it's like outside.

*I'd like to say that I hate all the games on Facebook. I can't say that, though. Anyone can tell that I spend a great deal of time on those games. What I actually hate is the fact that I find them interesting enough to spend all that time on them. More accurately, I hate the fact that I don't find other things interesting enough to take their place. And those games are actually pretty damn boring. My prime addiction has no animations and beyond that is all text and numbers. Absolute waste of time. And yet I still play it. Maybe this admission will be enough to shame me into not wasting any more time on them. Especially since I still say I'm trying to start a game group.

*Brought a couple of cans of stain in from the garage today in the hopes of staining my two most recent carvings. I need to check and see when Tropical Tails is this coming year to see if I even have a chance at getting something big done for them. Then I need to blow up the computer and the TV so I stop wasting time on them.

* "The Maiden Heist"-Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, and William H Macy all in the same comedy?? And I've never heard of it?? WTF?? So, I rented it, and I was highly amused. The only down side was seeing just a bit too much of William H Macy's naked ass.

*If my timing of holidays is correct (based on the first appearances of Giftmas stuff relative to it's actual occurrence on the calendar), all I have to say is HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!

*The first time I ever remember listening to Meat Loaf, I think I was sitting in the driveway at CT's on some random evening in that little tan econobox car she used to drive. It was probably on tape, and the song was 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light'. I doubt it had any more meaning at the time than being an amusing song, but, being Capt. Oblivious as I was then (and still am, mostly) I never found out. I still enjoy listening to that album every now and again, and if anything, it's increased in meaning over the years. The Pirate Queen managed to put quite a stamp on it for me as well. I am still amazed at the amount of piano used in making that album.


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