Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beige Crab Parfaits

* Got up late this morning. Not that I really had anything of great importance to do, but it was odd considering how sunny it was outside. I suppose that's what Sunday mornings are good for, though. Just tunneling back down into the pile of warm blankets and drifting off to sleep for another half hour or so. Not real condusive to getting a lot done though. It was real condusive to cricking up my neck, though.

* OK, the real estate market continues to give us less than good news. Not only have the neighbors across the street already gotten an offer on their house (good for them), turns out the one down at the end of the block is going into foreclosure (bad for us).

* I'm pretty sure I would have like to have seen the boots.

* Avoided the computer today, and only briefly sat in front of the TV. The end result? Even with getting up late, I got all of the shleves placed downstairs that I wanted to, and then managed to get the mucked up spots on the wall ready for a touch-up coat of paint. I have no idea where the chest with all the painting supplies is, though. I really hate seeing just how much I can get done when there isn't a couch or chair attached to my ass and a viewscreen in front of my face. Just hoping that I can carry that momentum over into tomorrow and end up getting a lot more stuff done. I did spend maybe 5-10 minutes on Facebook right before I went to work, but that was it as far as the computer goes. I do have lots of things I need to do on the computer, but Facebook isn't one of them. I still have untouched stacks of vinyl downstairs that need to be recorded and converted, and the inventory of my tiki colllection has come to a standstill. These are winter projects, and I need to get on them. Maybe do an alternating week schedule, or something like that? I know I'm going to have to relearn all the LP software since it's been so long since I used it last. With that new version of Windows that I loaded up, at least I have the same photo editing software that I've been using at work. That should be helpful in that project.

* I have to get my Chem comp done before Vass takes off this evening, and then I have one to do in BB.

* 2 or 3 of the horde of incoming relatives will be staying with us. Not sure for how many days, but I have been instructed to get the basement into a reasonable degree of organizedness so that the air mattress can be flopped down there. I'm hoping that won't really be a problem as far as time goes. There is a lot of dusting that needs to be done though.

* Why have the 3 Blondes been at the forefront of my mind lately??

* I don't know what the weather is supposed to be like tomorrow. Hopefully it will be nice enough that I can run the mower over the yard one last time and then run it dry for winter storage. Then there's the grocery store, the basement, the paperwork, the cleanup on the sliding door, etc, etc, etc. So much fun to be had I can barely contain myself. Just need to get that shit done so it's out of the way. Anyway, I'm sure I'll manage to work in some time to amuse myself.

* Looks like right after T-Day is when things are going to need to get going. I'll need to get all the holliday stuff out for Pinklady, and I also have to start demo in the bathroom (which reminds me that I have to call the contractor tomorrow). But, since I have no idea when relatives are actually coming and going, I'm not sure what the exact timeline is.

*Boy, that drill bit really sliced the hell out of my thumb.


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