Friday, November 27, 2009

Telephone Custard Avoidance Workshops

*I have no idea if it's going to be busy at work today or not. I'm hoping not, but at the same time I'm just tired enough that a really slow evening could end up putting me right to sleep. Doing a turn in chemistry makes it easier to get through the night, but I'm gonna need other things to keep my brain in gear. And I'm betting that won't include my BB comp. So far, ED seems to be the one department putting on quite a show. I think I'd bet that Monday will be quite Hellish around here as well.

*Thanksgiving. Whoo frickety hoo. After dinner, the greatest form of entertainment was watching Zella in her bouncy chair. And even that got old after an hour. At least I got to see the Mythbusters episode about duct tape that I had missed.

*My right shoulder is messed up from my horrid posture when I use the computer at home, and my left wrist is sore from all the carving I've done in recent days. Makes rolling over at night just tons and tons of fun.

*Thinking I may need to take Jeweltiger up on her offer for this weekend.

*Can two items be considered a list? At the moment, that's what I have as far as gift requests go. I know that will not be acceptible to the MIL. The Pirate Queen also submitted a demand for a list. And Kat needs a list. So far, the only person I know of who hasn't expressed any need for such a thing is Shroom.

*OK, it is not fair that the spouse said I could go ahead and buy some more HeroScape stuff for myself, only to find other things that I wouldn't mind having on sale on the same website. Of course, I should be concentrating my efforts on E-Bay instead of where I was looking, but at least I found a few things. I want to try and find somewhere online that Games has their annual lists of the top 100 traditional games of the year. That's always been a good place to find some ideas to throw on my list(s).

*I went to a lot of effort to rearrange and lay out the basement in a presentable fashion at the requests of my spouse, only to have to undo most of it in order to fit the two air mattresses needed for the kids. File that one under 'Why Did I Bother?'

*Up at 4 AM the day after Thanksgiving? You betcha! Had to clean up the places where the guest dog had peed in the house! What a bargain!!

*I have to remember to call the contractor tomorrow and figure out the plan for getting started on the bathroom remodel. I'm thinking I just need him to drop off the truck so I have a place to put all the debris from the tear-out. Pinklady says she's going to help. Not sure how that's gonna go, but I got gloves and goggles for her just the same.

*Aside from the Kat incident early on Thursday, my behavior thus far has been deemed as 'acceptible' by the spouse.

*I think I am going to have to sharpen a set of chisels specifically for use in/on soft wood, like pine. Probably need a lower angle than the 30 degree pitch on my usual set. I have foud that the X-Acto knives work pretty well, provided you use more of a slicing action. They don't hold an edge for long, and since my talent for sharpening things has yet to reach any true skill level, I'm not sure if it's really any better than using a chisel. OK, that's not really true. It is better than using a chisel. There's very little crushing of the soft rings with the slicing action of the X-Acto knife. I just don't know how to sharpen things very well so it's rare for me to get consistently good edges.


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