Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Collapsible Perforated Dictionary Box Flaps

*I'm not exactly sure just what those things in Lucky Charms cereal are. They say they're marshmallows. I say they're more like sugar croutons.

*Went and looked at a couple of houses that were for sale out in Malta. Not that we're really intent on moving, but it's not a bad idea to keep up on what's available out there. Saw one place that was really sad, and one place that was really nice. In the end, I don't see us moving just as we're getting this place set up the way we want. At the rate they're building the new high school though, we could change our minds at any time.

*Yes, it was an earthquake. Yes, it woke me up. And, yes, this is the second one I've felt right here in IL.

*Was sitting watching the news yesterday, and found out that Great White was going to be playing at the House of Blues that night. Now, I have been a fan of theirs since the 80's when they hit the big time. I had even considered hoping on the Metra in Burlington and heading in to try and catch their show. Then, when their segment came up on the news, they put on this damn near sleepwalking performance that wasn't even close to being half-ass. Now I guess I shouldn't be to harsh, since I've never been in a touring rock band and had to deal with all the stuff that goes along with that lifestyle, but it was just really disappointing. Not that I won't still enjoy their music, but I won't be putting any real effort into going to see them in person, either.

*Back to work today. No big deal. Enjoyed my time off, got some things done, took more than a few naps. What more could you ask for?

*"I Sell the Dead" is a film made by IFC about a pair of grave robbers and their misadventures with the dead and not-quite-so-dead. It's quite funny, and not just because most of the characters have Irish accents, so rent it.

*My deadline for the stuff I want to donate to TAILS is the 26th of this month. I think I'm gonna be cutting it close (no pun intended). I've got two pieces done and am more that 75% done with a third. The last one could go as is, but I'd really like to rework it a bit. After two straight days of carving work, I am once again starting to appreciate the miracle that is Advil. And, minor dings aside, all majorly important hand parts remain intact.

*You go to a pro photographer, you get good pictures. Why is that so hard to understand?

*"Dead Snow" is another IFC film that I got interested in from watching the previews on the "I Sell the Dead" disc. Zombies seem to be making a comeback lately. On top of that, they are coming back in forms far more threatening than your typical slow shambling moaning zombie of old. What could make the notion of that kind of undead even more threatening? If they were Nazis, of course. And that is what "Dead Snow" provides-fast moving, knife wielding, growling, snow tunneling, blood puking, Nazi Zombies (and they damn sure don't sparkle in the sunlight). Bonus, bonus, bonus, bonus! Now, this is a foreign film, so I would advise turning on the English soundtrack and turning off the subtitles, lest you miss a single blood spurting, intestine pulling, head chopping moment of this sub-Arctic gorefest. There. you have been warned. Rent this movie anyway. While it is rather formulaic by horror movie standards, there was something about this movie that I couldn't quite put my finger on that elevated it above your standard slasher film. The Nazis helped of course, but there was more than that. The stark scenery, the interesting reworking of the zombies, and the fact that I actually jumped and covered my eyes at least once made this a standout in the horror genre for me. Rent it, turn the lights off, and have a good scare.

*A winter Olympics without snow? Neat trick.

*Even with the new diamond stones, I haven't developed the skill/talent to sharpen anything but straight chisels. I can't even really do skews very well. What I did figure out is that if I clamp things with a curved profile in the bench vise, I can work the edges with various grits of sandpaper and achieve a decent edge. Time to go back to the can-o-crap chisels and do some more practicing.

*'Toodles'? C'mon, who really says that??

*Tried the new restaurant in town yesterday. Their focus is what they call Mediterranean cuisine, which, by looking at their menu encompasses everything from Greece to the middle East to northern Africa. Y'know, basically the Mediterranean area. The food is good, the portion sizes are large, and I can see myself going back on a fairly regular basis. I'm thinking I will be avoiding the gyros in the future, though. In my rapidly advancing age they make me quite belchy. And nothing can spoil a good peanut butter cookie like an hours old gyro burp.

*I had forgotten how much I enjoy the music of Little Charlie and the Nightcats.

*The idea has been put forth that we could go to Washington DC during the time off I have around my birthday. I don't really care about the government buildings and all that stuff, but I'm betting I could easily spend an entire week in the Smithsonian and still not see everything. Of course, I am balking at the potential cost of this expedition. Trader Vic's and Blue Man Group would be fine with me, and it's much closer to home. But the Boss has her April schedule open and is ready to start booking clients, so she wants answers. Time for me to do some price research, I guess.


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