Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Glassy Rhombic Speaker Toggles

*I was slightly disturbed yesterday to find that the gutter along the back side of the garage had become a solid block of ice, as had the downspout that feeds it. Last thing I need is for that to back up under the shingles and down into the wall. Unless the weather decides to cooperate with some above freezing temps though, I'm kinda stuck for a workable solution. At least one that doesn't involve tearing the gutter off while screaming profanities and wielding a blowtorch from the top of a ladder.

*Finally got my problems with the Norton software straightened out. And all it took was for me to hand over control of my computer to someone most likely halfway around the world. Luckily, it seems that nothing damaging got by the program, even when it wasn't functioning at 100% efficiency. Or, at least that's what the report said, after it got done scanning over 15,000,000 items on my hard drive. Now all I have left to do is figure out why my copy of Visual C++ hates my copy of Torchlight.

*A car stereo. That's what the Boss wants to get me and was trying to keep me from knowing about. If nothing else, she was definitely right about it being something I wouldn't get for myself. My car goes in Monday to have it installed, unless I say otherwise. I'm not really sure if I want it. I don't do a lot of driving. The 10 minute trip back and forth to work is about it most of the time. The CD player that's in there now is the original factory install and it works on the odd occasion that it feels like doing so. Like me, it doesn't seem to like doing anything at all when it's cold. But, the radio works fine, and I don't think I've exploded any of the speakers. All of those factors combined make me a bit hesitant to let her spend her tip money on something like that. After the whole watch fiasco, though, I don't want to tell her that I don't want her gift. So, I guess as long as this stereo is one that I can plug my IPod into, that's what I'll be getting come Monday.

*That uncomfortably full/bloated post-meal feeling is starting to happen again. It's that same kind of sensation that led Dr Mike to have someone snake a tube down my nose and into my stomach last year. And that led him, after seeing the results of the snakeage, to tell me that it would probably happen again some time in the future. So, the future must be now. Crap. I hate it when he's right (but we won't be discussing whether or not I'm taking my other meds. I'm also not to fond of the thought of getting scoped again. On the plus side, I may have found the way to rid myself of those extra holiday pounds that I acquired.

*At the moment, I am strongly resisting the urge to leap up and pummel someone...

*One ink is not the same as another, at least as far as the color black goes. The same also goes for reds and blues. This was something I discovered while taking an art class in high school. I drew my own version of King Tut's death mask using nothing but old ball point pens that I had laying around. I thought it was interesting how different brands of pens all had a different shade of the same color ink. I have recently revisited this method, much to my own amusement. In fact, I find myself so amused I may just do some more work in this style on a larger scale.

*This Saturday morning the alarm will be going off around 0630 or so. What would cause me to willingly get up at such a freakishly early hour? The first flea market of the new season! It's off to the DuPage county fairgrounds to check out the first Weaton Flea Market of 2010. I'm hoping for a good show after a pretty slow season last year, but Wheaton is one of those shows that was phenomenal 5 years ago, and has been slowly dwindling ever since. Actually, the decline in the economy over past couple of years has been really hard on most all of the flea markets. The one in Elkhorn seems to be an exception, though. Still, I know there are more treasures out there for me to discover, so, I will venture forth, in comfortable shoes and with a big backpack to see what I can manage to find.


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