Monday, February 8, 2010

Calendar Staple Tab Reflectors

*Here we go again, according to the forecasters. 6-10" is what they're saying we might get here, with the possibility of over a foot in Chicago. Right now as I look out the window, a light dusting is down on the ground. The day started of really sunny, but the sun has disappeared behind flat gray winter clouds.

*At the moment, I have 4 tikis in line for possible donation to this year's Tropical TAILS auction. One is done and ready to go. Another just needs a few more sanding passes before it's done and ready. The other two are gonna take some more chisel work before they're ready to go,but since I'm not going to sand them, that should save me some time. That means that none of them will be stained, but if the buyer wants to do that themselves, more power to them. Now all I need to do is let someone at TAILS know I'm donating them, and to buy my table for the actual event.

*"Cold Souls" Kinda on the order of "Eternal Sunshine", but with souls instead of memories. I quite enjoyed it.

*While it was probably good for me to get out and socialize with other people, it did me no good when I realized that I was most likely the oldest person in attendance at this past Saturday's game day. And it will take quite some time before I am able to purge the 10' hydraulic lemon penis from my memory.

*It was good, not only to see Eve, but to get some good Indian food, too. I'm thinking that she may actually get some use from that tank she calls a snow blower in the next couple of days.

*The tiki lounge has really started to come together over the past week. Looking really good, in my humble opinion.

*Cromag has already canceled his potential visit for this evening over weather concerns. Can't say as I blame him.

*I keep hearing that there was some sort of sporting event this past weekend. Hmmm.


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